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Spiderfan On: Alternative sites
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Kandace (1 month ago)
Nice video, my friend. I am happy that you came to this site. There are many nice people here, no one with 45 fake channels like on that other site ! And the uploader for the videos is great. Have you seen the Alexa ratings for the other site? Rock bottom. I still go there occasionally but i like it here way better.
Yoshimasa (2 months ago)
Wenoo isn't as bad as I thought it would be to be honest. I do like the old channel design. YouTube is dying and it's time for something new. And I agree it will become the new MySpace.
atomicpower (2 months ago)
The biggest cancer in the community is probably people like Kandace who don't actually contribute anything new.
Lawborn2 (2 months ago)
Welcome to Wenoo. This isn't a bad site but, it has proven difficult to promote. I'm surprised more people haven't shown up here.
My VidMe account is doing fantastic. I think you're right about VidMe giving YT a real run for it's money.
spiderfan (2 months ago)
@Lawborn2 Shame that H3H3 didn't move to Vidme. When/if that happens YT as we know it will change forever because more and more people will start leaving for Vidme. I'm glad that I'm on here and look forward to being on here for a while.
Lawborn2 (2 months ago)
@spiderfan I will have a video response for you up shortly.
SorteKat (2 months ago)
You make some good points. The community really does seem to be spread out through the sites and not united like it was on Zippcast. Shame things happened like they did. MJ needs an uploader and we are sure more would come back there. We like VidMe, too but haven't spent much time there but hope to start again soon. This site is outstanding and if more people came here would probably love it. Has a great look and love the uploader.. Shame about VidBit. It did have potential. Great vlog. Appreciate it Spiderfan.
spiderfan (2 months ago)
@SorteKat Thanks for the nice words SorteKat! I'm curious to see if anyone becomes "the" site so to speak.
June 3rd, 2017
So this is a video response to this video by CL21: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhZtS_0C25w I'm...
So this is a video response to this video by CL21: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhZtS_0C25w

I'm happy with how the video turned out and was even more relevant as when this was recorded it was a year to the day I was banned from ZC... which is a story for another video. Enjoy :)