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ANGRA ft. TARJA - Stand Away - 4mn35 - 61335 KO
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FallingAwake (3 months ago)
Just listen to that cheer from the audience as Tarja starts to sing!!!.
Great that Tarja supports other great bands, and visa versa. Thanks for sharing my friend *****. Have a fantastic new week.
Frederyck (3 months ago)
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To know much more about to ANGRA and Tarja TURUNEN and buy their tracks :
- Labels : Paradoxx Music, Rock Brigade Records, Eldorado, Rising Sun Productions, Lucretia, Limb Music, Steamhammer, SPV
- http://www.angra.net
- http://www.angra.fr
- https://www.youtube.com/user/AngraChannel
- Contact : angraofficial@gmail.com

* Tarja TURUNEN :
- Labels : Universal, NEMS Enterprises, Earmusic
- http://www.tarjaturunen.com/
- http://twitter.com/tarjaofficial
- http://www.youtube.com/tarjaofficial

From the ANGRA's album: Angels Cry : 20th Anniversary Tour.
Video was directed by Drico Mello.
Editing is by Angra Official. Visit their channel :
- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs2d4-YjBHDwQn4tgwvDNRw

April 22nd, 2017
ANGRA is a Brazilian metal band from São Paulo (Brazil) in the Power metal, progressive metal, neoclassical...
ANGRA is a Brazilian metal band from São Paulo (Brazil) in the Power metal, progressive metal, neoclassical metal and folk metal genres. This band was formed in November 1991 by Andre Matos, Rafael Bittencourt and André Linhares, all three students in the Santa Marcelina Music College. They were joined by Bittencourt's former band mate Marcos Antunes and Luís Mariutti (ex-Firebox). They have released 8 studio albums, 5 EPs and 3 live CD/DVD's to date. Led by Rafael Bittencourt, the band gained a degree of popularity in Japan and Europe, and more specifically in France.

After having gone through a number of line-up changes since its foundation Angra is become one of the biggest names of Brazilian heavy metal worldwide, due to their many acclaimed albums and the building of a glorious career. The actual line-up is composed with : Rafael Bittencourt (rhythm & lead guitar, backing vocals, classical guitar) - Kiko Loureiro (lead & rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals, classical guitar) - Felipe Andreoli (bass, keyboards, backing vocals) - Fabio Lione (lead vocals) - Bruno Valverde ( drums). This Brazilian quintet is a musical reference, with its symphonic interludes and highly technical arrangements, plus the alchemy with metal and Brazilian regional elements. Angra is today an example of versatility in music.

Tarja Soile Susanna TURUNEN CABULI, a.k.a.Tarja TURUNEN, was born on 17 August 1977 in Puhos, near the city of Kitee (Finland). She's is a wonderful Finnish singer-songwriter and composer (full lyric soprano with a vocal range of 3 octaves). In 1993 she attended the Senior Secondary School of Art and Music in Savonlinna. Later she listened to songs from Sarah Brightman, and decided to focus on that genre of music. At eighteen, she moved to Kuopio to study at the Sibelius Academy. Tarja enrolled in 2000 at the -German music university Hochschule fur Musik- in Karlsruhe to gain a professional qualification as a soloist with further specialization in art song.

Tarja is well known as a professional art song singer but also known as the former lead vocalist of the Finnish band -Nightwish-, she founded with Tuomas Holopainen & Erno Vuorinen in 1996. In 2003 Tarja married Argentine businessman Marcelo Cabuli; they live in Buenos Aires with their daughter Naomi (born in 2012). She was dismissed from the Nightwish band on 21 October 2005 for "personal reasons"... Then, she started her solo career in 2006 and we can only tell she is brilliant. Tarja has always crossed genres and musical cultures, showing a wide versatility in the projects and she is one of the few artists who can perform at the biggest rock and metal festivals one night, in a cathedral the next...
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