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Kate Bush. 50 Words For Snow
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Beth_Cassidy11 (5 months ago)
Hi Dave..its brilliant, the way you put this video together with the song🎶💖🎶.. I will try to keep my wenoo going a bit longer ..but I have such a difficult time getting videos to play..and I am using and using data every time try to play them. I have to pay for every bit of data I use..Yikes.. And I feel bad that I just can't keep up with all videos..

I love this song and video🎶💖🎶..awesome Dave..i think of any more snow falls here this year I will have some words to add..lol..jk❄⛄ .. And happy spring equinox today..
Love and hugs 🎶💖🎶 xO Beth 🎶💖🎶
FallingAwake (5 months ago)
@Beth_Cassidy11 Thank you Beth. Yes took some time getting the clips of Kate and Steven right so they looked something like they were saying the words, then of course with all the snow falling at the same time too, LOL.
Its a real shame that you struggle with the video playback here and the data issue. So of course you must do whats best for you. Hope no more snow for you, just the thawing problems, lol.❄⛄❄⛄
Love n Hugs XXX🎶💖🎶
CrashZone2 (5 months ago)
Mate I missed your vids. Such a clever fellow lol
FallingAwake (5 months ago)
@CrashZone2 LOL thanks mate.
March 15th, 2017
MY VIDEO. From her album of the same name. For my wonderful Canadian friend Beth Cassidy. I'm sure...
MY VIDEO. From her album of the same name.
For my wonderful Canadian friend Beth Cassidy. I'm sure by now she has had enough of the white stuff, LOL.
Song and my video feat Steven Fry, and clips of Kate from her early tv performances.
My fave words are N0.13 Faloop'njoompoola
and 33 Zhivagodamarbletash
Kate  Bush  50  Words  For  Snow