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Tarkan Kuzu Kuzu ♫❤♫
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Kandace (5 months ago)
Muy buen la cancion. xoxo
Dasha-fide (5 months ago)
@Kandace Gracias amiga. Besitos
hubertgunpowder (5 months ago)
Great post !!
Dasha-fide (5 months ago)
@hubertgunpowder Thank you dear Huber! Hugss
Basbousa (5 months ago)
Aha, Tarkan esta por aqui!!:D Pienso que es una de las mejores canciones de Tarkan y el mejor clip tambien! Gracias por las palabras, Dasha! Yo sé un poco del turco, pero no demasiado para comprender la cancion))
Dasha-fide (5 months ago)
@Basbousa jajaja como podría faltar Tarkan en mis listas, Nuti no me
lo permitiría es su mejor medicina jajaja... Extraño mucho
a nuestra amiga. Ella siempre logra llenar nuestros corazones
con sus suaves caricias de su bella Alma
Gracias Zara y Feliz Domingo. Bsss
Basbousa (5 months ago)
@Dasha-fide =))) sí, podemos hacerlo aquí con pura impunidad! lolz
Ah, Dasha, no se puede decir mejor!! ...(( Nuti ya no está por UpS durante más de dos semanas... Espero que todo le esté pasando muy bien. Pues, vamos a esperar hasta que venga:)
FallingAwake (5 months ago)
Great tune. I suppose all around the world all we need is to be loved.
Thanks for the upload Dasha ***** xxx
Dasha-fide (5 months ago)
@FallingAwake oh yes! .. Thank you dear Dave. I'm glad that You like it.
have a beautiful Sunday. Hugssss
Frederyck (5 months ago)
Wow... Nice ! we continue to visit Turkish artists with a great one known around the world. very beautiful beat and music .. (excellent to move the hips and other bodies) ! Thanks for the sharing dear Dasha and let me wish you a beautiful and happy end of the day. Bizzzzz..;)
Dasha-fide (5 months ago)
@Frederyck are You ready to move your hips?. I'm wainting here for U ...lol hahaha
Gracias Fred! I will continue with Turkish artists, I hope You enjoy ...
Happy day! Hugsss
March 1st, 2017
Lyrics:English translation. Look! My arms and wings are broken No, I couldnt hold on Hard! To be without...
Lyrics:English translation.

Look! My arms and wings are broken
No, I couldnt hold on
Hard! To be without you is hard
I couldnt get used to
Hit this stupid head by the stone
Against the wall - to get sevap*
Then forgive me, come to me
Lean my head against your heart
I felt blue, wasted away without you
Here I came back just like you said before
How much times I wanted to bring myself to your knees
This time I burned my pride down and came to you
You can leave me if you want to
And you can kiss me
But look into my eyes and listen to me first
Trust me, I understood this feeling inside without you
I repented
Spread this hot pepper on my lips
Tarkan  kuzu  kuzu