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SOFI TUKKER - Moon Tattoo - 3mn49 - 29937 KO
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SorteKat (12 days ago)
Hi Frederyck! This is really nice! Love the beat to the music and she has a lovely voice. Thanks so much! Greetings for a nice afternoon!
Frederyck (12 days ago)
@SorteKat Yep ! happy you like this video, music and voice my friends. Thanks for the visit and comments and have a very beautiful and happy weekend too. Bizzz..;)
hubertgunpowder (12 days ago)
Great song and vid !!
FallingAwake (12 days ago)
Very smooth and relaxing track, and as Amanda says, very beautiful sexy exotic video. The underwater dancing always looks amazing. i'v used it in a few of my videos too because of how great it looks.
Have an awesome weekend Frederyck. Cheers!!!
Frederyck (12 days ago)
@FallingAwake You are right, underwater dancers have all my admiration because it's a great job they do each time ! Thanks for the comments dear Dave and let me also wish you a very peaceful, relaxing and happy weekend. Cheeerrrss..;)
EuroGirl (13 days ago)
Beautiful sexy exotic video! Visually cool as well on a hot humid day! Love to dive into that water! Thank you for this dreamy treat Frederyck! Primo upload.....peace to you! :)) ☀░H░A░P░P░Y░ ░W░E░E░K░E░N░D░☀ (✿◠‿◠)♥
Frederyck (12 days ago)
@EuroGirl Summer seems a very good moment for relaxing and with this rainy weather an excellent opportunity to watch sexy exotic videos.. ahahah Thanks for the visit dear Amanda and for all the comments here and on my main page (happy 14 july, as it's the national French fest !). I wish you a very beautiful, also sunny and happy weekend. Bizzzzz..;)
Frederyck (13 days ago)
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To know more about SOFI TUKKER and b uy their tracks :
- Label : HeavyRoc Records
- http://www.sofitukker.com/
- https://soundcloud.com/sofitukker
- https://www.twitter.com/sofitukker
- https://www.youtube.com/sofitukker
- https://www.instagram.com/sofitukker

-> http://smarturl.it/DrinkeeSingle
-> Spotify : http://smarturl.it/IndieDance
-> Apple Music : http://smarturl.it/IndieDanceAP
-> "Soft Animals EP" : http://smarturl.it/SoftAnimals

- Press contact : nancy.lu@fancypr.com - aleixfmartinez@gmail.com
- Booking agent : mluzzi@paradigmagency.com - jason@codaagency.com (Europe)

The actors are Fernando Ignacio, Bravo Matheu, and Silvia Ortega.
Filmed and edited by Elizabeth Spelman and Elisabeth Lauwerys
Video editing is by Ultra Music.Visit their channel :
- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4rasfm9J-X4jNl9SvXp8xA
July 13th, 2017
Sofi Tukker or SOFI TUKKER is a New York-based musical duo. It's name is the intertwining of the...
Sofi Tukker or SOFI TUKKER is a New York-based musical duo. It's name is the intertwining of the names of two artists : Tucker Halpern, born in Boston (USA) in 1991, who grew up with the passion for basketball, but due to health problems was forced to end his career as an athlete and then discovered music and embarks on the path to Dj'ing. The second member is Sophie Hawley-Weld born in 1992 in Germany and who grew up immersed in international school communities as she explains -born in Germany, I moved to Atlanta (USA) when I was 4, moved to Victoria (British Columbia) when I was 14, went to boarding school in Duino (Italy) when I was 16, went to college in Providence (RI), spent 6 months in Rio (Brazil), and my parents have recently moved to The Hague in the Netherlands- !

Sophie and Tucker, were both for their studies years at Brown University (in Providence, Rhode Island - USA) without knowing each other (Tucker took a year off and then graduated with Sophie’s class). Their meeting takes place in an art gallery in Olneyville where she was performing an acoustic set with a jazz combo— used to mostly write bossa nova music—and Tucker was DJing. After the show Tucker asks Sophie to be able to remix the song with which she had performed during the evening. The next day, they officially started making music together and thanks to the conviction of the electronic group The Knocks, known during the artistic career, they moved to New York in 2014.

Paste Magazine described Sofi Tukker's release as -an insatiable dance collection of jungle-pop songs with many well-executed nods towards Brazilian instruments, poets and to the national language, Portuguese-. The magazine's review referred to the -carefully conceptualized Matadora- as -the album’s show-stopper-. FADER calls their music -folk-dance-. The hit of SOFI TUKKER reflects their sound aesthetic, very varied and contaminated with numerous styles. Sophie explains : -Making dance music is spiritual, it is absorbed by the vibrations and the rhythm ; the repetition of sounds and attention to the pace derived from the teaching of yoga and knowledge of African dance experimented in the college years-...

On 8 July 2016, they released their first EP titled -Soft Animals-. The name comes from a Mary Oliver poem and it includes 6 tracks : -Drinkee-, -Matadora-, -Awoo-, -Déjà vu Affair-, -Moon tattoo- and -Hey lion-. The song -Drinkee- is an adaptation of a poem written by the Brazilian poet, Chacal, sensually sung in the original language (Portuguese). It results of the fusion of cowbells, bongos, electric guitars and deep driving bass with a wide range of Brazilian sounds and a rhythm difficult to forget. -Drinkee- was nominated for a 2017 Grammy for Best Dance Recording. In 2017 they published two singles : -Johny- and -Greed-.