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Rush - In The End (Cover)
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REFLECTIONS (5 days ago)
Hi Rob, can't rate? ★★★★★ There you go, watched it fully, and have to se you have a lot of talent. Did you ever join any bands or just play for entertainment aspect? Rush the old Canadian group, was pretty popular in the 1980's over this way on radio. I liked when the music slowed down and I could hear it more clear with these dang ears of mine its hard to pinpoint with duel sounds in the background, but you did a super job here buddy! You make me want to go out and learn the guitar, but too late. My dad tried to get me into the drums as a teen, like he use to do, and offered to buy the full set for me, but for some reason and I can't remember I passed up. Have a great weekend buddy! Ken
Sacred_Trickster (4 days ago)
@REFLECTIONS Thanks for actually going back and exploring some of my older uploads Ken! Not too many on the sites do that much. Really appreciate the comment. This is one of my favorites to play by Rush, and I worked really hard on the song from beginning to end. I was in a few bands over the years, but it was always the same problems with power struggles, drugs & alcohol, etc. I record on my own now. Again, thanks so much!
REFLECTIONS (3 days ago)
@Sacred_Trickster Hi Rob, is Rush still actually doing concerts these days? Ah I know what your saying about bands, even the professional ones.. well the Beatles are a prime but old example, split apart due to this. How many times have we seen, it that a band will not make a comeback today because one band member does not get along with another!
CrashZone2 (5 months ago)
More amazing work, I am always captivated by your guitar playing mate
PoetessPossessed (5 months ago)
Rob! Amazingly awesome from beginning to end... :)
DejaVu (5 months ago)
Good Jams as always
glad your still at it !!
Keep playin' that R&R !!!!!
Sacred_Trickster (5 months ago)
@DejaVu Thanks Remy! Always means a lot coming from a fellow musician like yourself.
FallingAwake (5 months ago)
Who are you shushing and waving the finger at at the beginning, the kids?, lol.
Wow all that technical stuff in your description about the 12 string and distortion and pitch shift pedals. I'm sure Amanda and Beth will understand but to me its all Chinese. I just know how to listen, lol. A very pleasant listen it was too, great job my friend. Now tell the kids they can talk again, LOL.
Sacred_Trickster (5 months ago)
@FallingAwake Funny, my brother asked me the same thing, lol! I actually had a few noisy friends over that were getting a bit out of hand. They kept laughing and talking every time I went to record, so this was the final cut, if you will! Thanks for the comment Dave, and don't mind my guitar gear ramblings. :-)
Frederyck (5 months ago)
Wow...each new cover you do is a so beautiful moment than now I wait the next .. I am addict ! ahahaha Thanks dear Rob for such excellent sharing and be sure you have here several big fans ... I wish you a very nice and happy end of the day. ...;)
Sacred_Trickster (5 months ago)
@Frederyck Hahaha, you are so funny Frederyck! Thank you my friend for the positive feedback.
Simply-Scandalous (5 months ago)
Is there anything you can't play? Now I will finish listening to you play....Dee XOXO
Sacred_Trickster (5 months ago)
@Simply-Scandalous Hahahaha, there is SO much I cannot even come close to playing Dee, but thank you very much for the wonderful words. I will always attempt to play just about anything, but whether or not I have any success is an entirely different story. :-)
February 23rd, 2017
This is my cover of the original studio release from the album "Fly By Night". I have omitted...
This is my cover of the original studio release from the album "Fly By Night". I have omitted the 12-string acoustic intro for two reasons. The first one being it was too difficult to switch between guitars in time for the opening electric guitar portion of the song. The second option would have been to play the intro on the clean channel (no distortion) of my electric, and then use a foot pedal when the distortion begins. However, the acoustic intro is tuned to a lower pitch, so without a pitch shifter pedal, something had to give. So, without further ado, here is the song in it's entirety, (almost). ;-)
Rush  In  The  End  Fly  By  Night  Classic  Rock  guitar  Alex  Lifeson  Geddy  Lee  Neil  Peart