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Tarja Turunen. Ciaran's Well
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This is a response video to Tarja Turunen. Ciaran's Well
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SorteKat (3 months ago)
Loved the dancing. The video fits wonderful with the music! Great upload Dave! Thank you.
FallingAwake (3 months ago)
@SorteKat Thank you very much. I really was not sure what to do as a video for the song, but when i found this dancing it just clicked. Of course some editing to make it fit but i was really pleased with how it turned out. My fave bit is the women dancing around the pillows/posts @2:29.
Hugs xxx
EuroGirl (6 months ago)
Wow....this is some production! I genuinely expected these dancers to break into the nation dance of The Ukraine "The Hopack". You know the dance "squat and kick" all the while catarwauling "Hail Mother Russia, you make us strong in spirit!" (Well.....if not stronger guzzling Vodka at least performing those laborious leg thrusts:-)) Tara as usual is at her primo...and although not in the video she is no doubt stunning! The ordinary viewer probably has no clue on exactly how much goes into staging a dance production of this magnitude. Just the hiring of dancers on this talent level and then syncing them together.....no dance down Primrose lane! Kudos go out to the dance coordinators and their extreme patience! This is a well made video of modern dance and of course the contribution of Tara's vocals. Fine job Dave! Thank you for for the suggestion. Peace.....

FallingAwake (6 months ago)
@EuroGirl Oh yes, what we used to call here (i think) Cossack Dancing. I had to stop doing it because doing those leg kicks made me spill too much Vodka, LOL. This is actually a traditional folk dance of Georgia (former Soviet Union). I think originally a War dance. When thinking about making a video for the track i really had No idea what to use for it, then when searching around and coming across this i just knew it would work, with a few tweaks in the editing. Yes i'm sure you are right about the average viewer having no concept of just how much work and organisation goes into it all, As ever, things Only look this great when the ppl doing it and choreographers are amazingly talented.
Thanks about my work putting the video together with the song, its a video that i'm very pleased with.
I will have to post the Act1 clip of Tarja performing it live in Argentina. Really glad you liked it, thanks. Peace Always.....
MusicDesires (1 year ago)
This is cool man!
FallingAwake (1 year ago)
@MusicDesires Cheers my friend!
CrashZone2 (1 year ago)
Not just a kick arse song but what a video! ************************8
FallingAwake (1 year ago)
@CrashZone2 Hey, Thanks mate. I really appreciate that.
cutiehabana (1 year ago)
ツ ღ ƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)✿***Love this Amazingly powerful Great Voice and Muisic. Fantastic dance video clips matches so well to the Song. All The STARS****************for this Awesome Post. Added into my Faves. Thank you sweet bro for sharing:))xxx***
FallingAwake (1 year ago)
@cutiehabana I really was not sure about this song at first, but then grow to love it while making this video. Glad you enjoyed both, thanks sweet sis. big bro hugs xxx
Frederyck (1 year ago)
Wow...excellent and wonderful video dear Dave which match very well with the fantastic song and music of Tarja ! Great editing job ! Thanks for the sharing and have a beautiful and happy Sunday..K.)
FallingAwake (1 year ago)
@Frederyck Thank you Frederyck. I was just playing around with this traditional Georgian dance and was very happy with how it fit the music (after some editing, of course). Have a wonderful Sunday too my friend.
August 21st, 2016
MY VIDEO. From her album, My Winter Storm
MY VIDEO. From her album, My Winter Storm
Tarja  Turunen  Ciarans  Well