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Spiderfan On The YouTube Mentality
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Mac (2 months ago)
Totally agreed. I just hit 100 subs on my actual Channel there, however I lately have seen it's no longer about you. Its about the money, YouTube themselves and sponsors, barely anyone does it for just themselves anymore, it's for money. I've switched over here and am re-editing my videos just so they can be more watchable and a bit more polished, I love this site so far.
spiderfan (2 months ago)
@Mac Welcome! Glad ya like it here as it is nice to see some new faces around here.
HighDragon (2 months ago)
your mic is quiet i suggest turning it up
spiderfan (2 months ago)
@HighDragon I fixed it in the video after this.
HighDragon (2 months ago)
@spiderfan ok and how do you upload a profile photo?
spiderfan (2 months ago)
@HighDragon Go to the personal profile section and in there you should see a change profile pic thing.
Lawborn2 (3 months ago)
It's a real mystery to me as to why more people won't leave youtube. You may be onto something about what would happen if youtubers didn't get paid. I watched a few big name youtubers show up on VidMe and then leave just as quickly. It might be a because they discovered that they couldn't make any money there.
spiderfan (3 months ago)
@Lawborn2 What is odd is that a number of large YTers are not getting paid or barely getting paid. So why they wouldn't leave I don't know.
HauntingStomper (3 months ago)
This was the first video I've ever watched on Weenoo. I have to say that this site is perfect, and I agree with everything that you said in this video. I'm hoping this site gets noticed by people.
spiderfan (3 months ago)
@HauntingStomper Thanks! Glad ya enjoyed it. I hope that more people notice is this site too because it is awesome.
InsanitySurfers (3 months ago)
I left Vevo World over two years ago and never looked back. My theory on why more are not leaving despite the crap they have been through with Y.T.? Because they would have to chart unfamiliar waters and would have to take responsibility for bringing their fan base to a new location where they fear many would not follow them. Just a thought. Just keep doing what you do, make good content, advertise it everywhere, and you will be okay or at least that is what I believe.
spiderfan (3 months ago)
@InsanitySurfers That is a great point. I wish that fear didn't exist because I think the community would be in a better place if it didn't.
August 16th, 2017
This video isn't as refined as my other videos and was mainly just me spitballing about the subject....
This video isn't as refined as my other videos and was mainly just me spitballing about the subject. That is why the "uh's" are so numerous and I initially tried editing this video but it killed the flow of it, so this video is basically unscripted rambling about Bourg's video. Everything I did say was from the heart if you will, so it is my genuine thoughts on the subject. I know I enjoyed making it so I hope ya enjoy watching it. :)

P.S. I couldn't find a good image on the subject so that is why my icon is the only picture.

Bourg's video:

My alternative sites video:

My old WTFU video: