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The Haka
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CottonCeena (3 days ago)
Why the rivalry ? **************
GoldenOldies (5 days ago)
Hilarious, haaaa
VortexDUDE (5 days ago)
so that is where the Rock stole the idea for the Fast And Furious scene with the little girls in the soccer game when they started playing...BASTARD!
Sacred_Trickster (5 days ago)
OK...I have NO idea what to make of this! I think you may have explained the "rivalry" before, but you will have to refresh my memory.
FallingAwake (10 days ago)
LOL What does he say at first???, i know what it sounds like, lol.
This is Great, a little scary but GREAT!
Kandace (10 days ago)
omg, This is funny. Happy Anzac day (a little late). What you say is similar to the rivalry between New York and New Jersey. They argue about many things including the debate about which state the statue of liberty is in.
And it reminds me of our two state colleges here in Florida that have two of the best sports teams in the country. UF and FS. I favor the University of FL and we refer to Florida State as "that other team". hahaha
May i ask why you apparently do not care for NZ ?
Frederyck (10 days ago)
Ahahah Dear Angie you are a bit hard with the New Zealanders..;)...but that's right it's always a surprising moment to see this (more specially in rugby with the All Blacks teams) ! But also in France, we remember about The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) which has made huge things in France during the first Wolrd War, and thanks to them and their sacrifices if we always are free here. I wish you a very beautiful and happy new week. Thanks also for the visit and kind comments. Bizzzzz..;)
July 17th, 2017
The only decent thing to come out of New Zealand : ) God bless the ANZACS
The only decent thing to come out of New Zealand
: )
God bless the ANZACS
Stuff  from  that  other  country  
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