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CottonCeena (3 days ago)
moorea2010 (2 days ago)
@CottonCeena No goodbye sister...back one more time
Thank you sweetie for ur support
GoldenOldies (5 days ago)
So happy you are staying ! This shows what a great person you are !
moorea2010 (2 days ago)
@GoldenOldies yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thx sweetie
Kandace (6 days ago)
moorea2010 (2 days ago)
@Kandace Gracias hermana x estar aqui
hubertgunpowder (7 days ago)
Beautiful song, Marisol. I hope you will change your mind and stay active here. Please do not let your friends down. We will miss you !!
moorea2010 (6 days ago)
@hubertgunpowder Thx Hubert...only for all my good friends here im staying...its gonna be hard to start from scratch after loosing everything i had here before....its very unfair Hubert...
fawz (10 days ago)
Its nice song I love it and I'm sorry for what happened
moorea2010 (6 days ago)
@fawz thank you!
Kandace (10 days ago)
Mistakes will happen my dear sister. But i cannot blame you, i must respect your decision. Maybe you will change your mind. Love to you ~ i am not much on the other site, maybe i will see you on YouTube?
moorea2010 (10 days ago)
@Kandace I will find you somewhere over the rainbow sister...thx for sticking to us here....i appreciate as well as Riny and Rafale....
FallingAwake (10 days ago)
As someone who knows how much it hurts to have your heart and soul ripped out after all you have put into your channel, i know that "sorry" just does not Cut It or replace anything.
Very sorry to see you go, but you know you have good true friends here.
Hugs, Dave xxx
moorea2010 (10 days ago)
@FallingAwake I know for sure that u are a good friend and a good man with integrity...loyal and much more....I have no doubt that we will meet again....I count on your friendship and u can count on mine....forever!
Frederyck (10 days ago)
Well... thanks for the visits and comments, but also for your very kind words of the day after this regrettable incident...
I was thinking the admin had the back-up's solution to restore all your datas (videos, comments etc..) but apparently that's not ! All that can make us thinking and being sad... My dearest friend I am also sad about your decision but i understand it very well. So I wish you all the best and no worry i will see you soon before the next explosion...Take care of you and thanks again for your kindness. Bizzzzz..;)
moorea2010 (10 days ago)
@Frederyck Thx Freddie...u have always so kind and faithful to me...Im sure im gonna miss you...but we will keep in touch somehow my good friend...stay truthful as you are....God bless you dear :))
July 16th, 2017
Thank you for all your friendship during all this time my friends....but after what happened I have no...
Thank you for all your friendship during all this time my friends....but after what happened I have no desire to continue active on this site...

God bless all of you!!!