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Tears Of An Angel
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Kandace (6 months ago)
NO religion advocates, URGES the murder of innocent people because they do not worship their 'god'. Be it known to all that the first few pages of the Islam holy book, the Koran orders its followers to go out and KILL non-muslims. Go ahead and read it online ! So, this is basically their 'first commandment' for ANY true followers of this cult, (Like Charlie Manson - go out and murder people).
Tired of seeing candle avatars and tears of angels while ppl hide their heads in the sand to be politically correct and attribute this beastly carnage to "lone wolf extremists". They do nothing but risk their own epitaph on their tombstone to read, "Died by muslim cult terrorists, but i was politically correct." BS!
FallingAwake (6 months ago)
Oh why cant people learn to love, understand or at least tolerate other's beliefs ?. Why cant govt's understand that they cant simply inflict mass immigration on their societies and think that it wont cause problems?.
Thanks for your video. If only there were more like yourselves. Hugs xxx
hubertgunpowder (6 months ago)
Very beautiful. Thank you.
Frederyck (6 months ago)
Too much soon are gone those souls (R.I.P.). Unnamed criminals have just taken their life without any allowable reason. One more time the crazyness of a few deeply sick 'animals' hurts simple and young citizens came peacefully to a concert with love and happiness.
Such crimes against Humanity serves only the ambitions for power and money of a few criminals, but it also determines us to be much more efficient and without any pity to destroy them for ever because their way of being is not normal, not supportable. Nowhere on this Earth, a religion or philosophy has asked for such horrors... Take care of you my friends and God bless you....
Kandace (6 months ago)
Simply beautiful beyond words. Thank you. xoxo
May 23rd, 2017
For all our angels gone so soon
For all our angels gone so soon