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Tarja Turunen. Never Enough
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Video Comments (7)
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REFLECTIONS (14 days ago)
Holy Rock Dave, this is totally different from the other Tarja video, so she is pretty diversified eh? The last one was so mellow!
FallingAwake (14 days ago)
@REFLECTIONS LOL. yes as i just said on the other video, she can really rock too!.
Dasha-fide (6 months ago)
wooow I love your video and the song by Tarja **************Thank you!!!
FallingAwake (6 months ago)
@Dasha-fide Thanks Dasha, very kind of you. Hugs xxx
Sacred_Trickster (6 months ago)
Man, what can I say here that has not already been said by Mandi and Beth? This is some awesome guitar work, and I personally love the way her voice compliments the guitar tone, or better stated, the other way around, lol! Nice work!
FallingAwake (6 months ago)
@Sacred_Trickster Hi Rob. Yes there may not be too many people on this site but there are certainly ones who appreciate music of all kinds and are very good at commenting very knowledgeably, and with great expression.
Loved your point of voice/guitar and visa versa working off each other. Thanks mate.
Sacred_Trickster (6 months ago)
@FallingAwake Which is precisely why I keep my channel open here! I'll take just a few people that fit that description over a million "C&P" friends any day!
Beth_Cassidy11 (6 months ago)
Wow..incredible Tarjia song Dave.. An amazing choreography you have put together with it💃🎶💖.. Um...if I gander at an interpretation of the song / awesome video you made..i would say it speaks of non sustainable type of balance in a relationship .... That's what I get on first listen and look🎶💖💃💖🎶... Love and hugs Beth XO 🎶💖🎶
FallingAwake (6 months ago)
@Beth_Cassidy11 Thank you very much Beth, really glad you liked it and my video. I think you are right about the synopsis of the song. Thats what i get from it also, that sometimes no mater how you try, its never going to work. Yet as with the end of the dance, maybe valuing what you have while its still there too.
🎶💖💃💖🎶... Love n Hugs XXX 🎶💖
Frederyck (6 months ago)
ahaha you are right dear Dave "Never enough" of Tarja's marvels ! Thanks for sharing this excellent video editing job you have done, with this beautiful song & music. I also like the comment by Amanda ! Have a great and happy day..;)
FallingAwake (6 months ago)
@Frederyck You got that right my friend, "Never enough" of Tarja's marvels". Thank you, really glad you liked my video for this Awesome track. Yes always fantastic comments from our friend Amanda.
EuroGirl (6 months ago)
Yeah Dave!!! Now were rockin"! I love the beat and the rhythm flow in this cut! It is one of those song you max out the car's stereo and speed down the highway with the windows wide open! It just does not quit. Listen to this guitar arrangement at 3:25!!! Hard to ask a guitarist to give you any better than that!!
You know what is really cool? The video you have accompanying the music track. It's like a direct contrast to the music! Almost has a 'beauty and the beast' quality about it. .The gentle and hypnotic flow of the dancers with raw rage and chaotic chorus of the guitars distorted power chords. Wonderful mix of fine art and music in overdrive! Me l♥vs that kind of stuff! Peace and good health to you Dave! Thank you for the treat!! Peace.......
FallingAwake (6 months ago)
@EuroGirl I made the video a couple of years ago and when posting it here i was trying to think what my thoughts were in making the video this way. You hit it right on the head Amanda, very much a contrast with the singing and music, and maybe the dance being a mix of beauty and chaos too. I also did the same thing with my vid for her song *Neverlight* too which is just as wildly chaotic also.
I find Tarja, along with the amazing guitarist/musicians she uses, is very good at creating such conflictory sounds that grab you, and yes, Have to be Blasted out while driving and your head nearly coming off of your shoulders (but of course driving carefully too) LOL. Glad you enjoyed this and love this kind of stuff!. Peace xxx
FallingAwake (6 months ago)
@EuroGirl PS, as you liked this i think you would like my vid for her *Ciaran's Well* too. Another "out there" Tarja track.
hubertgunpowder (6 months ago)
Great music and video !!!
FallingAwake (6 months ago)
@hubertgunpowder Thanks Hubert
February 20th, 2017
MY VIDEO. From her album, Colours in the Dark.
MY VIDEO. From her album, Colours in the Dark.
Tarja  Turunen  Never  Enough