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Elixir For Sunsets Mysteria
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hubertgunpowder (3 months ago)
Great music and vid !!!
SorteKat (3 months ago)
@hubertgunpowder Thank you! Sunny greetings from Denmark.
Kandace (3 months ago)
Back again. Simply one of the most amazing visuals and music ever. :)
SorteKat (3 months ago)
@Kandace That is so kind! Really appreciate your awesome comments! xoxo
FallingAwake (3 months ago)
4:47 minuets of pure audio and visual pleasure *****
Thanks for all your work, and for sharing here with your friends. Hugs xxx
Frederyck (3 months ago)
HmMmm...both the video and music are somptuous ! Very beautiful upload dear Friends with this musical US project (not a band) composed with – Lalita Tavedikul (Backing Vocals, Vocals & Spoken) ; Mark Adams Allison Guitar, Backing Vocals (also psychotherapist in his private life and founder of Phobos another rmusical project looking like Enigma) and Michael Poccia as Guitar solo. On the same album you also have vocalist Dawn Marie Poccia and the beautiful Belgian Natacha Atlas. This album is wonderful ! Thanks to share with us such marvels and let me wish you a beautiful sunny week. Bizzz..;)

SorteKat (3 months ago)
@Frederyck So very kind for you to find this information! Very interesting! We thank you much! Tues greetings Frederyck from us both. So pleased you enjoyed!
Kandace (3 months ago)
wooo ! I hesitate to say this is my favorite creation by you because they are all favs. But it can't get much better than this. I have put it in my favorites so i can watch it again and again. Such a talent you have for perfectly matching the soul of the music with the mind's imagination. xx
CottonCeena (3 months ago)
Man, this is so freakin' awesome ! Love the base sounds and mysterious wild energy from this !
SorteKat (3 months ago)
@CottonCeena Aww Thanks Kandace! We actually heard this song on the radio and fell in love with the music. So happy you enjoyed it. Hugsxxx
May 15th, 2017
Released 2006 from their album "Tempting The Muse"
Released 2006 from their album
"Tempting The Muse"
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