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LISSA - In My City - 3mn16 - 35414 KO
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hubertgunpowder (3 months ago)
Great music, Frederyck !!
EuroGirl (3 months ago)
Strange and exotic offering from this lovely songstress:)) If the city in Monica's video here is truly hers than she should count herself lucky that the ugly head of progress has not wrecked her town's old world charm for cold and towering glass monoliths
That said and done I have to admit to not ever hearing Lissa's music. Or at the very least I can not recall hearing her name. I am sure I may have heard her music without knowing who sang it. I like the idea she held music koncerts at ten! I would have paid a gate fee to see her! She has a nice history of her ability to progress in music. Holding concerts at ten and at twelve singing at music festivals! Just shows that success is a long and arduous road best started at an earlier age where feelings of failure and despair escape the innocence of youth. I wish Monica (Lissa) much continued success and recognition! Thank you as well Frederyck for introducing me to this very talented person:)) Much peace and happiness to you! Bye now:)) .
Frederyck (3 months ago)
@EuroGirl Ahahah you are wonderful dear Amanda. I like a l:ot your comments, so realistic ! Thanks for the visit and to tell your feelings. Monica in this video clip was filmed, not in her native city of Cernavoda (Romania), but in in the beautiful Cinque Terre, which form a part of the coast of the Italian Riviera, in Liguria, west of the city of La Spezia (Italy). This song is the first of an upcoming EP, I just wish to the others to be as good as this one. Have a beautiful and happy week end. Bizzzzz..;)
Frederyck (3 months ago)
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To know much more about LISSA and buy her tracks :
- Labels : Cat Music Romania, Voices Media
- http://thisislissa.com/
- https://twitter.com/LissaMusician

- Contact : thisislissa@yahoo.com
- Management & Booking : Bogdan Toma
Tel : 0722.197.979 - bogdan.toma@voicesmedia.ro

Video editing is by Cat Music. visit their channel :
- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCTR5nIFvWBW9MeGEGPNG4g
May 13th, 2017
Monica Merisan, A.K.A. LISSA but also known as MonyeM, was born in 1989 in Cernavoda, region of Dobrogea,...
Monica Merisan, A.K.A. LISSA but also known as MonyeM, was born in 1989 in Cernavoda, region of Dobrogea, (Constanta judet - Romania), city with 20 514 inhabitants and a river port near the canal between the Danube and Black sea. Monica Merisan is an actress, known for -Poveste de cartier- but also a nice singer as she explains : "Since I was little, I liked to play. At 10 years of age, I held concerts in front of the block with my girlfriends and gladly remembered that all our neighbors were gathering at our mini-show".

At age 12, she took the music much more seriously and played for the first time on a real scene. Supported and encouraged by her parents she had the chance to work with well known music teachers, such as Lucretia Marinescu and Claudiu Pescaru, who made her singing for the first time at a music festival. After that, she had many participated in competitions and festivals, where she won many awards.

In 2008, her carreer started as actress when she played the role of Ramona in the film -Story of the neighborhood-, the native version of the famous West Side Story, adapted to the Romanian realities. She debuted in this film in which she played remarkably alongside the great Florin Calinescu. Monica, however, thought to try her luck at -The Voice of Romania-. Then in 2012, under the stage name LISSA she performed at -The Voice of Romania-, starring Marius Moga, who chose her in his team where she conquered the audience with her voice. Co-opted in the artistic band she impresses, Monica focused exclusively on modern music, eliminating the repertoire manuscripts.

The young artist is preparing a discography, and during 2016, she has worked intensely on this project, and in early 2017 she decided with her team to release 4 singles. Then, LISSA launched her solo career with a first song titled - In My City - accompanied by a fresh video. The single is composed and produced by Rompe Music, the team consisting of Valentin Tulica, Marian Gurenco and Ionut Prodan. The video directed by Bogdan Ciubotaru was shot in the beautiful Cinque Terre, which form a part of the coast of the Italian Riviera, in Liguria, west of the city of La Spezia (Italy).

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