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عبد الفتاح الجريني-جمبك عالطول ♫❤♫
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Kandace (4 months ago)
Muchas gracias, hermosa. Cinqo estrellas. xx
FallingAwake (4 months ago)
Great work Dasha, you put a lovely romantic video together for the very romantic song. Loved it! ***** xxx
Frederyck (4 months ago)
Wow, excellent musical choice dear Dasha. I like this romantic song ! "Ganbak ala toul", from the album "Talat Kelmat" released in 2012 is a superb song by Abd El Fattah Grini, also called Abdel Fattah Grini, Abdel Fattah Greeni, or AbdelFattah Greeny. This singer and composer of Moroccan and Arabic music was born on 10 January 1985 in Marrakech but grew up in Casablanca (Morocco). It was discovered thanks to the program "Album" of young talents diffused by the Arab channel MBC in 2007.
I wish you a great and peaxceful day. Take care of you my friend. Bizzzzz..;)
Basbousa (4 months ago)
Amazing upload, dear Dasha! Beautiful and romantic song to start the day right!:)
February 26th, 2017
Abdel Fattah Greeny-Ganbak 3Ala Tool Promise me that you’ll live next to me, and not a night will...
Abdel Fattah Greeny-Ganbak 3Ala Tool

Promise me that you’ll live next to me, and not a night will you forget me
And for you, I live and die, when im with you my love

Promise me that you’ll never leave me.. not even for seconds
What will my whole life be worth if even for one day I wasn’t with you
Always keep me beside you
Don’t ever leave my eye sight
When I say “oh my love”, my heart feels comfort
Always keep me beside you
Take me to a dream far away

Why should we think about yesterday as it has passed and is already gone
Do you know what I feel of when you are with me
In you I see my life’s dreams, your love has taken me with it
You live in my heart, oh my love, and its enough that..
You stay in my embrace, and with you I live all what I have dreamed of
Abdel  Fattah  Greeny  
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