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Delain. Lullaby
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This is a response video to Delain. Frozen
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EuroGirl (26 days ago)
Hello Dave! I was discussing this band over the weekend. You be surprised the dumb looks I receive from people who have forgotten Delain. However they remember the music. That's good no? Not really. They mistaken their hits for musik done by other bands. I wonder if Delain has a PR problem everywhere or it's only my dumb community with the recognition problem.
Nevertheless "Lullaby" is one of my favorite signature songs to whip out when I have to give the ignorant a refresher lesson in Symphonic Rock 1.
This is something you really want to bang your head to. Motivates your looooong week ahead! Peace......

FallingAwake (25 days ago)
@EuroGirl Hi Amanda. I get what you are saying but no not surprised at all about the dumb looks when mentioning artists/band they they have forgot, or never even heard of, or mix up with someone else.
I find here that if i mention Delain or Tarja or even Nightwish thats its more often than not met with blank looks. Even with Kate Bush its usually a case of at best knowing Wuthering Heights and "oh yes, her with the Scolded Cat voice", as thats the only one they tend to remember.
I usually find that most ppl only see the chart type artists while many great artists are confined to a "genre star" status/cult status.
I was tempted to say how most music is for the Plebs, but i better not say that, Oh too late i Did say it! LOL. Peace Always
CrashZone2 (8 months ago)
Mate you should have gotten into video production. This was ace!
FallingAwake (8 months ago)
@CrashZone2 Oh thanks mate, a little late for that now, LOL. Thanks
cutiehabana (8 months ago)
***Amazingly Powerful, love the sound nice tune and BEAUTIFUL Video. Added into my Faves. Thank you Sweet bro for sharing:))xxx***
FallingAwake (8 months ago)
@cutiehabana They are so Amazing at mixing Charlotte's Stunning voice with Awesome rockin' beats.
Thanks sweet sis. big bro hugs xxx
Sacred_Trickster (8 months ago)
Some seriously high production on this one! Top quality recording my friend! The mix is absolutely perfect. Nice, clean tracks, just the right amount of bass, high and mid range, excellent. Love the way the intro starts out and then "BAM" heavy riffing. The video? A total trip! This one is really unique. Straight to favorites!
FallingAwake (8 months ago)
@Sacred_Trickster They are great with the mellow starts then BAM, or BAM then into Charlotte's beautiful tones.
Again a fun video to put together, and although i say so myself i still get a kick out of how i timed it @ 0:42 and 3:15 to "how long can you hold your,,,,,,Breath?".
Thanks Rob, Cheers!!!!!
Beth_Cassidy11 (8 months ago)
🎶💖🎶 Very beautiful delain dong ..and your video is stunning ..sp beautiful Dave 🎶💖🎶 Love and Hugs Beth XO🎶💖🎶
FallingAwake (8 months ago)
@Beth_Cassidy11 They really do some fantastic songs, so catchy. I love timing the moves to the music and feel for my vids. Love n Hugs XXX🎶💖🎶
Frederyck (8 months ago)
Wow... a great one by Delain ! Thanks dear Dave for the share and also to show us this nice editing video work. I would be curious to know how much time it has been necessary to film those beautiful "breathtaking" images...
Have a very nice end of this Tuesday. Cheerrrsss..;)
FallingAwake (8 months ago)
@Frederyck Yes another great song from this wonderful band, glad you liked it. Oh i dont film the images mate, that would cost me a small fortune, and i'm not going to do that just to get a few views on these sites, LOL. I simply spend hours searching the net for the footage i need, and then more hours making it work for the song/music. Thank you my friend, Cheers.
Frederyck (8 months ago)
@FallingAwake Yep ! Thanks for the answer ! I had already seen the film away with an other music but my question was if you had an idea of the cost of such movie. I understand very well that's a lot but "a lot" don't give any idea ! ahaha have a nice evening..;)
FallingAwake (8 months ago)
@Frederyck I get that mate, i was just being "tongue-in-cheek" with my reply. I would not really know what it would cost, but i think at least into the thousands. Then there is all the travelling expenses too, i doubt i could get away with filming this in my local river, LOL. Have a nice evening too my friend.
ps, looks like everyone has gone to Metajolt. Its dead on here these days.
November 8th, 2016
MY VIDEO. From their album, The Human Contradiction
MY VIDEO. From their album, The Human Contradiction