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Aerosmith ☮ Sweet Emotion (1975)
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Simply-Scandalous (2 months ago)
Love it....Steve Tyler is an awesome performer in my books...
REFLECTIONS (2 months ago)
@Simply-Scandalous Hi Dee, he is a awesome performer with those moves jumping up and down. I get up every morning moving like this, straight to the bathroom mind you. :)
hubertgunpowder (2 months ago)
Fantastic !!
Kandace (2 months ago)
Aerosmith at their best !!
Frederyck (2 months ago)
One more time you have selected a very nice track and video by this excellent band (I was a bit young when they were at their top !)... But thanks for sharing such gem with us ! Have a beautiful and happy week end..;)
REFLECTIONS (2 months ago)
@Frederyck Hi Frederyck, those were the days, we could put on our running shoes, and then our pants, because we had bell bottoms lol, remember that? Not sure how old you are but I remember it. We can't do that now :)
Melody_Maker (2 months ago)
When they were in their prime here for sure! Love that guitar riff, classic!
August 12th, 2017
"Sweet Emotion" is a song by the American rock band Aerosmith, released by Columbia Records...
"Sweet Emotion" is a song by the American rock band Aerosmith, released by Columbia Records in April 1975 on the album Toys in the Attic, which in my opinion was a excellent album. "Walk This Way," was my particular favorite from it back in high school. I still have the 33' vinyl. I pulled this video out of a French program, and cleaned it up visually. There is not a lot of quality in the old Aerosmith video recordings unfortunately.

Uploaded 08/12/2017