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MUSE - New kind of kick (Cramps cover) - 2mn50 - 44235 KO
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EuroGirl (9 months ago)
Trick or Treat? What better treat than 2:50 minutes of head busting guitar in overdrive, pounding tom-toms, and a grinding lead vocalist to start the week off right! It beats Kandy corn any day! Strange to hear this musik on Frederyck's music haven but then the day is strange as well. I wish you a grand All Hallow's Eve Frederyck!
🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃 dix citrouilles pour vous!
Frederyck (9 months ago)
@EuroGirl AHahaha I like you comments dear Amanda and be sure I really laugh ! You are so right ! Even if I like MUSE a lot, that's not their usual way of playing and I have tought this "shifted version", if the term is right, was funny for such day where all crazyness can be seen here and there on the web. Well .. thanks for the visit and nice words ! Have a great and happy week. Bizzz..;)
Sacred_Trickster (9 months ago)
Straight to favorites! This one rocks hard!
FallingAwake (9 months ago)
Great upload my friend, Happy Halloween *****
cutiehabana (9 months ago)
ツ ღ ƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)✿***Amazing Song and Band cool video. Thank you Frederyck for sharing:))***
CrashZone2 (9 months ago)
Muse are a great band. I love their epic videos 🎃
Frederyck (9 months ago)
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To know much more about MUSE and buy their tracks :
Labels : Warner Bros, Helium 3, Taste, Mushroom, Dangerous
- http://muse.mu/
- http://instagram.com/muse
- http://twitter.com/muse

A few days ago, Muse get into the Halloween spirit, dress up in leather and cover -The Cramps*- with their surprising new video for -New Kind of Kick-...
Video editing is by -Muse-. Visit their channel :
=> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGGhM6XCSJFQ6DTRffnKRIw

* The Cramps was an American rockabilly band, from Sacramento (California - USA), formed in 1976 and active until 2009, which split after the death of its lead singer Lux Interior after a sudden aortic dissection on 4 February 2009. Their title -New Kind of Kick- was first time released in 1981.
October 29th, 2016
Halloween's surprise by MUSE ! MUSE is a British trio in the alternative, electro, symphonic, space...
Halloween's surprise by MUSE !

MUSE is a British trio in the alternative, electro, symphonic, space & progressive Rock, coming from the city of Teignmouth in Devon (UK). Born in 1994, the band consists of Matthew Bellamy (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Christopher Wolstenholme (bass & choirs) and Dominic Howard (drums). MUSE draws crowds and the craze that brings the French public to the English group has propelled the albums of the trio topped to the charts. The fourth man in this team is Morgan Nicholls (vocals, keyboards, synthesizer). He appears only at concerts on some tracks become too complex to be played with three or rarely in movies.

The meeting of the three acolytes, like many other reference's rock, is made to the school they attended, while nothing initially not predisposed them to music, with the exception of singer-guitarist Matthew Bellamy who came from a family with a great musical culture. This meeting will form one of the most promising English rock band today. Until the age of eighteen / nineteen - they did not even make it to their careers - play for them was the best way fight against boredom. But, when the end of high school in 1998, and the hard choice of orientation, go to college like any the world does little trying. Thus Matthew convinced his two friends to continue rehearsals and concerts to just odd jobs : Matt was decorator and Chris worked in a guitar shop. It was then necessary to find a final name for the group and they choice -Muse- because of three girls with whom dragged Matt to school. They had used to meet to try to black magic and Matthew accompanied them on the guitar.

The group numerous concerts in England (almost every night of May and June). It is pointed out on the occasion of one of his first appearances French at an acoustic session on rock radio in Paris (OUI-FM). Their services and will confirm the rumors begin the incredible mouth. France has booked a tremendous welcome to the group, which is partly responsible for their great success and attachment to this country. On 28 August 2002, after the series ended with Reading festival, the trio won the award for -Best live British band- to Kerrang Music Awards 2002. The trio holds the rights to the term -Muse- regarding music recordings and concerts. In 2012, they have signed -Survival-, the official song for the Olympic Games in London ! On 15 February 2016, -Drones- won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album at the 58th Grammy Awards

Muse have won numerous awards, including 2 Grammy Awards, winning the Grammys for Best Rock Album for The Resistance and Drones, 2 Brit Awards, winning Best British Live Act twice, 5 MTV Europe Music Awards and 8 NME Awards. They have sold over 25 million albums worldwide.

Discography - Albums : Showbiz (1999) - Origin of Symmetry (2001) - Absolution (2003) - Black Holes & Revelations (2006) - The Resistance (2009) - The 2nd Law (2012) - Drones (2015).