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Delain. I Want You
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SMJ (3 months ago)
Love this band!!! You turned me on to them quite awhile ago, probably at zc or sumpin. Her voice is wonderful and I love the way the guitars aren't afraid to thrash it up a bit... fabulous collaboration, haven't seen Fatal Attraction in years. That was one crazy flick. 5*****
FallingAwake (3 months ago)
@SMJ Thanks, glad you liked it Mark. No i have not seen the movie for a very long time too but as soon as i heard this song i knew what i would use for the video. Should that be Crazy Flick, or Crazy Chick ?, lol.
Really glad i helped turn you on to this amazing band. Yes it probably was on zc as i posted a lot of Delain, and Tarja on there, and of course Kate Bush too.
Frederyck (4 months ago)
Oau... excellent ! Great music and song by this nice band and beautiful video editing job ! I also like the comments by Amanda and your answer ..;)
Thanks dear Dave for the sharing and have a great and happy day !
FallingAwake (4 months ago)
@Frederyck Yes another great Delain track. Thanks, glad you liked my video too. Yes Amanda always leaves amazing comments, we both know that. Thanks Frederyck.
EuroGirl (4 months ago)
GOT TO LOVE THAT solid barrage of throbbing power chords at 0:44 and the serious WTF? look on Mike Douglas's face at 0:54! No sugar tonight Mikey! Huh? 2:29! Now it's my turn with the WTF? look! That was weird to me for some reason.
This was an um....unusual flick? Unusual in the sense that although I find Glenn Close to be a worthy actress I see her as no equal to a young Ann Archer in the looks department. I see Mikey is using his other head and I do not mean the one on his shoulders. That one has the sense of rational and good judgement installed. Oh well: "Those who play, pay!"

"I got you! At last I got you! She'll never send you thrills if I can't have you no one will!"
Errr...it's time for Mikey to book a flight to Nowheresville. Leaving no forwarding address. U think?
Thank you for the ominous video with the equally ominous song Dave! I;ll sleep comfy tonight:)) Peace.......
FallingAwake (4 months ago)
@EuroGirl Yes really quite a menacing feel to this song and beat, the reason that the movie came to mind when hearing the song. Well the saying may go "why settle for burgers when you have steak at home", but if the steak is usually off the menu then burgers become a mouthwatering temptation. I'm not defending it at all, but as you elude to too, us guys dont always think with the right head. Especially when the blood has been diverted in the opposite direction. But then guilt kicks in and hence the scene and look @2:29.
Hope it was not too un-comfy for you. The video and the song with the lyrics of acute obsession should hopefully be a warning to guys, if something pops up, get a hold of yourself, LOL. Peace
hubertgunpowder (4 months ago)
Beautiful !!!
April 7th, 2017
MY VIDEO. From their album, We Are The Others
MY VIDEO. From their album, We Are The Others
Delain  I  Want  You  We  Are  The  Others