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HURTS - Wonderful Life - 4mn19 - 46186 KO
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Dasha-fide (9 months ago)
vaya pensé que era el nombre de una canción conocida
Pero veo que es un grupo musical. Como siempre nos sorprende
con su música. Gran elección!. Todas las estrellas********************Y me lo llevo también a mis Fav*********************Hugssss
Sacred_Trickster (9 months ago)
This is new for me too Frederyck, but obviously very talented musicians! Great vocals and the lyrics are so good. Thanks a lot for all the variety, my friend. Keep it up!
Frederyck (9 months ago)
@Sacred_Trickster Thanks for the visit and comments dear Rob. I think their debut track is always their best..until now even if several others are good. During the next days I will upload a few pop artists not really well known and that's funny to see how people react ! ahahah I wish you a very good and happy day. Thanks for your friendship...;)
hubertgunpowder (9 months ago)
Great music, Frederyck !!!
FallingAwake (9 months ago)
This is new to me, really liked it. Is it just me or does anyone else hear kinda Prince stylings here too?. *****
Zee (9 months ago)
Pretty cool song mate
Starfish (9 months ago)
A wonderful song:)
cutiehabana (9 months ago)
ツ ღ ƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)✿***Love this *80's* sound timeless tune. Added into my Faves. Thank you Frederyck for sharing:))***
Frederyck (9 months ago)
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To know more about HURTS and buy their tracks :
- http://twitter.com/theohurts - http://twitter.com/adamhurts
- http://instagram.com/adamhurts - http://instagram.com/theohurts
- Youtube : http://youtube.com/hurtsvevo
- http://youtube.com/videohurts
- VK : https://vk.com/hurts

-> - https://itunes.apple.com/fr/artist/hurts/id364607851

Video editing is by EXIT Festival. Visit this channel : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cydaOHOcwQ
November 1st, 2016
HURTS is a musical duo from Manchester (UK) composed with singer Theo Hutchcraft (born on 30 August 1986...
HURTS is a musical duo from Manchester (UK) composed with singer Theo Hutchcraft (born on 30 August 1986 in Richmond) and synthesizer & guitar player Adam Anderson (born on 14 May 1984 in Manchester). Thet met together in a nightclub in Manchester in 2005 and in March 2006 they form the group -Office-. Signed by the label -High Voltage Sounds- they release their first double single -After Midnight / Dollhouse- in November, but in 2007 the group split. Adam and Theo decided to form a new group named -Daggers-. In 2008, after a disastrous show-case at A & R London, they decide to go back to Manchester and think about the future of the group. Meanwhile, they recorded together a ballad named -Unspoken-, and agree to work in the future as a duo. On 30 January 2009 Daggers split, then Adam & Theo found HURTS.

The duo recorded an amateur video -Wonderful Life- and post it on Youtube on 27 July 2009. Named -Day of the Group- by -The Guardian magazine-, it creates a buzz around the duo and on 7 December, they announce the completion of some songs for -Sound of 2010-, a figure industrial music led by the BBC. They began 2010 by finishing the composition of 4 songs for -Sound of 2010- : Wonderful Life, Stay, Better Than Love and Sunday. Their debut album -Happiness- is registered in Sunshine Dance Studio at Manchester on 6 September 2010. Aussie singer Kylie Minogue performs on their song -Devotion-. -Wondeful Life- is certified as Platinum Disc with 500 000 copies and the group get the Award for Best New Group at the BAMBI Awards. They are nominated for the MTV Europe Music Awards in the category Best Push Artist.

In March 2011, Hurts received the Award for Best New Talent ECHO Awards. They embarks on their 3rd European tour in October 2011, via Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Belarus, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Macedonia and the UK. On 4 November 2011, Hurts played their last concert of Happiness Tour at Brixton Academy where Kylie Minogue joined the Devotion to interpret and Confide In Me.

In September 2012, Hurts began recording their second album with Jonas Quant. This second studio album -Exile, is released on 8 March 2013. The title track to the album -Miracle-, is premiered on 4 January 2013 on BBC Radio 1. Hurts attends the Brit Awards on 20 February 2013 and on 29 June participate in the Glastonbury Festival 2013. The band continued their Exile Tour across Europe in October and November 2013 & March 2014.

In May 2015, Hurts published a new single titled -Some Kind of Heaven- from their new album. On 6 Oct 2015, they released the music video -Wish- directed by Bryan Adams and on 9 October 2015, they finally published this third studio album titled -Surrender-. The Surrender tour came to a fitting close on September 2016 in Germany.
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