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Goodbye LeScintilla
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Frederyck (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot dear Lawborn for the re-upoad. That's so nice of you to remember how wonderful, intelligent, friendly she was and I can also tell she miss me a lot, because we had a special and deep friendly relation.
isabelle - Sophie était un être exquis, fabuleux et ô combien passionnant. Comme l'a chanté le grand Brassens dans "les copains d'abord :"
"Au rendez-vous des bons copains, - Y'avait pas souvent de lapins,
Quand l'un d'entre eux manquait a bord,- C'est qu'il était mort.
Oui, mais jamais, au grand jamais,- Son trou dans l'eau n'se refermait,
Cent ans après, coquin de sort ! - Il manquait encor. " et Isabelle nous manque beaucoup...
Mes condoléances renouvelées à toute sa famille. Frederyck
Lawborn2 (1 month ago)
@Frederyck Thank you. She was one of my oldest youtube friends. A wonderful human being.
EuroGirl (1 month ago)
To Sophie's family and many, many friends Mes sincères condoléances. I remember this lady. I knew her as a Athena. I believe she had an account at Zippcast with this name. I knew her for the rare and sometimes exotic music she featured. I recall being greeted by her when I first joined ol' Zippy and Upload Society. She had this lovely wit about her and had often left very poetic and interesting comments when she visited my channel. There was never anything routine in what she had to write. She always commented with purpose and great insight. She is sorely missed........
✞May She Forever Rest In Peace ✞

Thank yo friend for this lovely remembrance. Peace To All..
Lawborn2 (1 month ago)
@EuroGirl And thank you for this comment. She was one of my fondest internet friends and just a lovely person. I remember her as being so sweet and kind. I shall miss her.
This is an old video but, I felt the need to reupload it.
June 21st, 2017
This is an old upload dedicated to my friend LeScintilla. When she passed away I lost one of my oldest...
This is an old upload dedicated to my friend LeScintilla. When she passed away I lost one of my oldest Internet friends.