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Bombalurina Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat
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GoldenOldies (6 months ago)
Awesome nostalgia !
hubertgunpowder (6 months ago)
Happy song and great vid !!!
SorteKat (6 months ago)
@hubertgunpowder Thanks Hubert! Sorry so late in replying. Have a great afternoon and evening.xx
EuroGirl (6 months ago)
Haha...someone wrote a song about Fred below:)) "Huggin and a'kissin with Fred." Lucky you Fred! Fun song! Very entertaining! Thank you!
💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Loved it!
SorteKat (6 months ago)
@EuroGirl You are so funny! Yes, it came to mind when we posted. haha Thank you! : )
FallingAwake (6 months ago)
Haha great fun song and video. Thanks for sharing your awesome videos with us here my friends ***** xxx
SorteKat (6 months ago)
@FallingAwake Hi Dave! Thank you! Glad it gave you a laugh. Certainly need it these days. Have a good one! xx
Frederyck (6 months ago)
Ahahah .. damn cars... happy they can't talk... even if sometimes they refuse to start when it's urgent ! Beautiful video editing job one more time ! Thanks for the sharing my friends. Have a very happy and sunny week end. Bizzz..;)
SorteKat (6 months ago)
@Frederyck Yes, sometimes those cars have such a time of starting! haha Thanks for stopping by Frederyck!
Kandace (6 months ago)
What a fun and happy song this is ! Is it from the 80s ? The slide show perfectly portrays the theme. Have a great Friday. xoxo
SorteKat (6 months ago)
@Kandace Thanks Kandace! This song was released in 1990. But the original was sung by Paul Evans in 1959 and also covered by the Avons. xxx
May 26th, 2017
Animated slideshow.

Animated slideshow.
BombalurinaSeven  Little  Girls  Sitting  In  The  Back  Seat