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Leaves' Eyes. My Destiny
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Dasha-fide (5 months ago)
Great video and music dear Dave. ***************
Have a nice sunday. Hugsss
FallingAwake (5 months ago)
@Dasha-fide Thanks Dasha. Hope your weekend was Great xxx
Beth_Cassidy11 (5 months ago)
Another new band and song to me Dave🎶💖🎶..its really neat..and tge video I like a mini movie🎶💖🎶... Abd lol.. That's 2 videos in a row with women jumping from big heights.... Love and hugs Beth XO 🎶💖🎶
FallingAwake (5 months ago)
@Beth_Cassidy11 Not a band i know well at all but love this one. Yes neat video, and yes i suppose that is two videos with a woman jumping from heights, but at least in the other one she was only dreaming, lol.
Thanks Beth. Love n Hugs XXX🎶💖🎶
PS, wondering if you saw my George Michael upload too?, i love that song.
hubertgunpowder (5 months ago)
Sounds great !!
FallingAwake (5 months ago)
Frederyck (5 months ago)
Wow...nice Viking story... ahahah You are right Liv Kristine has a beautiful voice (I think she has let the band Leave's Eyes in 2016). I saw her at the end of 2014 in a band called The sirens (with Anneke Van Giersbergen & Kari Rueslåtten). Three nice voices ! Thanks for the sharing dear Dave and have a nice end of your day...;)
FallingAwake (5 months ago)
@Frederyck Glad you liked the viking story, lol. Yes Liv is no longer with the band, i dont know much of their stuff but really like this song. Have a great end of the week and your evening. Cheers mate!.
March 1st, 2017
Official video. German/Norwegian Symphonic Metal band feat the fantastic voice of Liv Kristine
Official video. German/Norwegian Symphonic Metal band feat the fantastic voice of Liv Kristine
LEAVES  EYES  My  Destiny