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Louis Aramstrong. What a Wonderful World. Content Warning!
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Simply-Scandalous (2 months ago)
This was very hard to watch at times, but unfortunately, there was a lot of truth to it. There will always be evil but we still must push through to see the good in man. You did a very good job on this one. Great editing!
FallingAwake (2 months ago)
@Simply-Scandalous Hi Dee. Yes thats why i added "Content Warning!" in the title. Not an easy watch but i wanted to put over how bad mankind can be to each other and and the nasty things of the world. But Yes thankfully there is a Lot of good out thee too, and most of us would wish for it to be that way.
Thanks Dee.
Frederyck (2 months ago)
HmMm what a beautiful music and song by the great Louis... very nice editing job too, to remember us and young generations the horrors done by Human beings against other Human beings... for what ?? What crazyness ! Thanks for the sharing dear Dave and have a very peaceful and happy end of your Sunday.
FallingAwake (2 months ago)
@Frederyck Thank you for your comment Frederyck, and thank you for seeing my intention with my video too.
The horrors we inflict on each other are far worse than any horror movies.
Wishing you great new week.
Really glad to see things are sorted out here. Cheers!!!
Stroodlepie (2 months ago)
So sad and also sarcastic to put this music. I believe in yin & yang: All good must have an opposite, otherwise the earth would tip over.
FallingAwake (2 months ago)
@Stroodlepie Thanks for your comment. I mean it more in a Ironic way rather than sarcastic though. And i see your point, just rather, All bad must have an opposite.
October 12th, 2017
What can i say ???!!!
What can i say ???!!!
Louis  Aramstrong  What  a  Wonderful  World