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George Thorogood and The Destroyers
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This is a response video to GEORGE THOROGOOD - " I Drink Alone "
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Video Comments (7)
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FallingAwake (2 months ago)
Haha,,,,,such a great funny video for this Classic track.
L L L L Loved it! ***** xxx
SorteKat (2 months ago)
@FallingAwake Thankyou, yes it really is a classic track , some music just live on and on. Have a nice evening
Love_And_Feelings (2 months ago)
Excellent !!! Music and video :)
I love it *****
SorteKat (2 months ago)
@Love_And_Feelings Thankyou for your kind comment, we are glad you enjoyed it, We hope you have a nice sunday
Sacred_Trickster (2 months ago)
OMG, you guys are amazing at this! This is one of the coolest vids I have seen on here! I have always loved Thorogood, and this video just works perfectly. Rockin', funny, and a bit sexy.... So awesome, and straight to favorites!
SorteKat (2 months ago)
@Sacred_Trickster You are very kind Rob! Thanks so much! We love this song. So happy you liked it, too. Have a wonderful Sunday. : )
GoldenOldies (2 months ago)
Absolutely love this one. All those bad baby pics, haaaaaaaa xoxo
Kandace (2 months ago)
OMG, this is perrfect ! How do you come up with all these great clips? Even cats as bikers. hahaha.
A thousand stars ! Straight to my Favorites.
SorteKat (2 months ago)
@Kandace Thank you Kandace for your great comments. I remember it took a long time to find the pics for this video but such a cool song so it was fun to make. Sunday hellos from us bothxx
hubertgunpowder (2 months ago)
Great music and video !!!
SorteKat (2 months ago)
@hubertgunpowder Thanks Hubert! Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon!
Frederyck (2 months ago)
Waouh ! Excellent ! Very nice musical choice my friends and your video is great ! Thanks for the sharing and have a great and happy Sunday. Bizzz to the Lady..;)
SorteKat (2 months ago)
@Frederyck Thanks Frederyck! We really love listening to George Thorogood. So pleased you enjoyed! Sunday greetings from us both.
July 29th, 2017
Uploaded 07/29/2017 Just one of those great songs. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
Uploaded 07/29/2017

Just one of those great songs. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.