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Bob Dylan. John Brown
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Beth_Cassidy11 (4 months ago)
I have a copy of this song..mi can't remember on which cd.. What a powerful and sad song it is🎶💖🎶.. A fantastic and difficult job on the video Dave.. You are so expressive and talented🎶💖🎶 love and hugs Beth 💖🎶💖🎶..:)*)
FallingAwake (4 months ago)
@Beth_Cassidy11 I think it must have been a "greatest hit" album, or Boot leg, as it never appeared on any of his studio albums. Thanks Beth, i decided to make the video this way instead of trying to portray just one son/soldier's story as in the song. I did it this way to show the absolute horror of the reality of war without any of the glory that is often used of going to war. Thanks for your very kind words my friend.
Love n Hugs XXX 💖🎶💖🎶
hubertgunpowder (4 months ago)
Great song !!
FallingAwake (4 months ago)
@hubertgunpowder Thanks. Hes has many great songs.
Frederyck (4 months ago)
Wow what a great song by Bob D. and a so terrible video about the human crazyness at its top ! I just hope and wish than such horrors will never more come back... Thanks for the sharing (may be several Presidents will see your video !)... God bless us..
FallingAwake (4 months ago)
@Frederyck Yes maybe i should have put a warning about the video content for this one. Its just unbelievable the kind of things we humans are capable of doing to each other. Yes would be great if presidents and leaders would look at things like this and make it that we NEVER do such things again.
Thanks Frederyck.
April 11th, 2017
MY VIDEO. MTV Unplugged version.
MY VIDEO. MTV Unplugged version.
Bob  Dylan  John  Brown