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Delain. The Tragedy of The Commons
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Beth_Cassidy11 (6 months ago)
That's strange..I clicked on 5 stars but on 4 registered⁉ ... Wow Dave.. Such a powerful Delain song...and your video is so disturbing and powerful 🎶💖🎶.. And so timely with Trumps decision to go ahead with oil pipeline projects and put a gag order on environmental scientists..rather than finding more sustainable and cleaner forms of energy...
And wow..that guy voice..and the line about ownership the earth stood out to me so much.. I think the realization that we are all a part of the earth..the oneness is a big part of wanting to keep it healthy and abundant and beautiful.. And some of tge lines I the song also refer to oneness..🎶💖🎶.

A very powerful and beautiful upload Dave🎶💖🎶🌏..Love and hugs Beth 🎶💖🎶 XO
FallingAwake (6 months ago)
@Beth_Cassidy11 Oh thats ok Beth, we all know how glitchy theses sites can be. Really glad you liked this powerful Delain song and my intentionally disturbing video to accompany it. Yes i suppose it is a timely upload given that Trump has done this, also claims that global warming is a myth and backing out of the Paris climate change agreement. I'v never really liked "growling" but it does add an Edge to a few of their songs. I love the line "we are one, as one we fall". Hopefully one day we will all see that.
I think they carried the theme of this onto their new album with another song on there, *The Glory and the Scum*, of which we can be Both.
If only we could find a oneness, so many of the worlds problems could be overcome.
Love n Hugs XXX🎶💖🎶🌏
Frederyck (6 months ago)
Wow nice choice dear Dave and happy to see you back. I hope all is ok with you ! Those images are so sad and show so well the crazy results of our stupid Human activities driven by the moneymakers having only one religion... Really a very nice song by Charlotte W. Thanks for sharing such gem and also bravo to our dear Amanda for all these indications! I just love them ! As for Marco Hietala who was 50 years recently (the 14th), what a talented musician and I believe that if he dropped Nightwish, Holopainen would take a big well-deserved slap. Marco has also with his brother founded an other nice band "Tarot" but since the death of its drummer last year things seems a bit uncertain for them. Alissa White-Gluz, who has lived the same situation than Tarja (fired out by other members of the band she co- founded) surprise me each time I listen her with her two ways of singing. I wish you a peaceful and happy Sunday. Take care of you my friend...;)
FallingAwake (6 months ago)
@Frederyck A Massive thank you to you and Amanda for all you fantastic comments and support. Yes i wonderful hard hitting song from Charlotte and the band, i hope my video does some hard hitting justice to the song too. Yes as i replied to Amanda we are very good at hurting each other when there is money to be made.
I totally see what you mean about Marco giving Holopainen that slap to wipe some of his heightened self importance off his face. If you have some of the artists material uploaded here then plz give my a link. Hope your having a great weekend. Thanks, i will keep uploading the things i love, even if only a few ever come to watch. Cheers!
EuroGirl (6 months ago)
Nice effort by Charlotte Wessels! In fact I believe that most if not all of "The Human Contradiction" tracks were penned by Ms Wessels. According to Metal Hammer magazine Charlotte was inspired to produced this cd (album) based on Octavia E. Butler's science fiction trilogy' Lilith's Brood'. Although "Human Contradiction" did not rival their previous release of one of my favorite cds "April Rain" it certainly pushed the boundaries of Charlotte's voice range. Yes? It also contained the pleasant surprise and I thought two pretty kool names of a couple of my fav stars,. Alissa White-Gluz of "Arch Enemy" and Marco Hietala of "Night Wish". You couldn't ask for more firepower than those two!! How do you like grunting now? Alissa does it as well as anyone:)) I tried grunting once. All I receive for my efforts were a sore throat and a visit from my building manager!
Hard to watch this video of the innocent being engulfed in the goo we need to run our economies.. It's even harder to watch when you know their are less lethal sources of energy out there. The one thing we do well is self destruct. Who needs enemies? Tragic no? Have a peaceful weekend Dave! Thanks 4 the share:)) (✿◠‿◠)♥

FallingAwake (6 months ago)
@EuroGirl I am not one for looking into all the info for artists works, but i do believe you are right about Charlotte doing at least a very great deal of the writing for the album. No i still dont really like the growling stuff Amanda but you know what its like, if you really enjoy something then you can tend to "put up" with bits that you are not keen on, or at least tolerate it. Lol i'v had to do that for a few of their songs. Marco Hietala also featured on their debut album Lucidity too.
I never really like to think of artists albums in the sense of rivalling each other either, although yes we can tend to prefer one over the other. (thats contradictory i suppose, but i think you know what i mean). They do very much seem to have found a new direction both musically and vocally from T,H,C that has carried over to their Moonbathers album too. A sound of their own that i think makes them quite distinctive from other symphonic metal bands. I'm glad you found my video for the song Hard to Watch, i think seeing such things in a way that affects us/humanising it all, makes us notice it much more. Sadly probably Not enough though. You are so right, we are very good at harming and hurting one another, especially if there is a profit to be made!. Thanks Amanda.
January 27th, 2017
MY VIDEO. From their album, The Human Contradiction. (some lyrics may be incorrect, just as i could find...
MY VIDEO. From their album, The Human Contradiction. (some lyrics may be incorrect, just as i could find at the time)
Delain  The  Tragedy  of  The  Commons