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Conrad SEWELL - Start Again - 3mn43 - 37702 KO
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SorteKat (1 month ago)
Such a beautiful and yet sad song. Enjoyed this very much! Wonderful share dear Frederyck!
sunshine7777 (1 month ago)
also a wooooow from me
a super song
a great voice .
all stars *****for Conrad
and for you Frederyk.
greets Riny x
Frederyck (1 month ago)
@sunshine7777 You are very welcome dear Riny and thanks for the visit and comments. THis young artist is very talented and I hope he will become a great one very soon ! I wish you a very nice and happy day.God bless you. Bizzz..;)
Love_And_Feelings (1 month ago)
All the stars to you ****
Great upload dear Frederyck
Happy new week my friend. God bless you and your family.
Frederyck (1 month ago)
@Love_And_Feelings Thanks a lot dear Yolanda for your visit and those always very kind words. I feel happy you like this video with this talented young Aussie artist. I wish you a very beautiful and happy end of this Sunday and also a perfect, sunny new week. God bless you and your family. Bizzz..;)
FallingAwake (1 month ago)
Very sad but very beautiful !. A very talented artist *****
Have a fantastic new week my friend.
So sorry to see what they did to Marisol and some others here. its really not fair.
FallingAwake (1 month ago)
@Frederyck I you look on the admins channel who banned them *vistafan12*, he talks to Marisol and explains that he banned them because someone told him that they were saying/doing bad things in pm's and such. so rather than finding out the facts he simply banned them and they lost all the hard work they had put into uploading and building their chs. Yes a little like the kind of thing that sick David would do on US. Looks like Marisol and Rafale are now going to leave the site.
Frederyck (1 month ago)
@FallingAwake Thanks for the message. I saw those explanations and i have had my comment ! I also have let a copy on Fawz page, because such situation makes me asking about the serious of the Fawz's targets. Human error always is possible but it need to pay attention to be able to fepair such problems.. when the management has tought about several cautions to have in mind. Managing a site is a job not a game party for kids. I wish you avery good week ..;)
FallingAwake (1 month ago)
@Frederyck Yes i saw your comments, i thumbed it up and i may comment on it too but not sure yet. i dont want to end up getting banned too though because i would probably say something about Fawz maybe not caring enough about the site and that he needs someone in admin who is not so foolish to ban people just on the word of some "friend" who had made up some Photoshop screenshot. And an admin who thinks its ok to be posting and featuring videos on here about being proud of how he just banned someone, and videos made to attack others whom he does not like. Sorry but to me this all smacks of either very immature or trollish behaviour.
If Fawz does not sort this out then he could soon find good people simply leaving his site.
hubertgunpowder (1 month ago)
Very beautiful !!!
Sacred_Trickster (1 month ago)
Talk about talent, wow! What a voice! This is quality, through and through. You can hear the pure emotions coming through in this song. Truly a great piece, and going straight to my favorites. Thanks my friend!
Frederyck (1 month ago)
@Sacred_Trickster Yep ! Thanks dear Rob for the visit and the comments. Always good to know your opinion. This young Aussie guy his really talented and I hope he will be more known worldwidely soon. I wish you avery beautiful and happy Sunday. God bless you my friend..;)
Frederyck (1 month ago)
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To know much more about Conrad SEWELL and buy his tracks :
- Labels : 300 Entertainment distributed by Atlantic Records
- http://conradofficial.com
- https://twitter.com/conradofficial
- Spotify: http://flyt.it/SpotifyConradSewellAllIKnow
- iTunes: http://flyt.it/ConradSewellAllIKnowEP

Video editing is by Conrad Sewell. Visit his channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC57e3mizc5Z3UHbzXhBFC7w
July 15th, 2017
Conrad Ignatius Mario Maximilian Sewell, a.k.a. Conrad SEWELL was born on 31 March 1988 in London (UK)...
Conrad Ignatius Mario Maximilian Sewell, a.k.a. Conrad SEWELL was born on 31 March 1988 in London (UK) but raised in Brisbane (Australia) and now lives in Los Angeles (USA). Conrad is a singer, songwriter and musician who attended St. Laurence's College in Brisbane from 1998 to 2005. Conrad started pursuing a music career from a young age, sending around demos since he was 8 years old. He is the older brother of the Australian singer-songwriter Grace, who is best known for her 2015 cover of -You Don't Own Me-. They come from a family of musicians and their grandparents toured with the Bee Gees and the Gibb Brothers. He tried his luck with short-lived rock band -Sons of Midnight-. He spent years recording songs in garages and working to save money to move to the UK where pop music was more accepted. In 2006, aged of 18, Conrad moved to the U.K. to record a demo.

There, sending out demos and talking to major record labels he was trying to get a record deal and that first contract came as a songwriter for Universal in Sweden. He got a crash course in the pop capitol of the world, soaking up knowledge in the city’s hallowed hit-making studios. He fronted a band that notched a hit in Germany. Then, he booked a one-way ticket to Los Angeles and didn’t look back.

Conrad started working with producer Jamie Hartman (Christina Aguilera, Joss Stone), and he struck a creative nerve, by stripping everything back and letting his vocals shine. After moving to LA, he started working on his solo project. Several people have been a part of creating the new music including Jamie Hartman, Sam Hollander (Train, One Direction), and Eric Rosse (Sara Bareilles, Gavin DeGraw). His debut single -Hold Me Up- was written/produced by Brian Lee (Lady Gaga, Icona Pop), The Euroz and Louis Bell. Then, Conrad wrote and sung on Kygo's hit -Firestone-. Within less than a year, it drove Kygo’s breakout single -Firestone- to over 300 millions Spotify streams and over 3 millions worldwide sales.

All that turned heads on Conrad’s solo single -Start Again- which went double-platinum in Australia, knocked Taylor Swift out of the country’s N°1 spot. With -Start Again- Conrad won the ARIA Award for Song of the Year and the ARIA Music Awards of 2015. It also caught the attention of Ed Sheeran who invited him to open his sold out 2015 X Australia tour and industry legend Lyor Cohen who personally signed Conrad to '300 Entertainment'. When -Start Again- hit N°1 on the ARIA Charts in June 2015, Conrad and Grace became the first Australian born siblings in the history of the charts to hit N°1 as separate acts.

A few time later Live Nation confirmed Conrad will join Maroon 5 on their September tour. His debut EP -All I Know- was released on 13 November 2015 followed by Australian and New Zealand tour dates throughout November. In February 2016, Conrad released -Remind Me- as a single from the EP -All I Know- and a bit later with Avici the single -Taste the Feeling-.
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