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Robben - Dont Worry About Me - Live
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Kandace (1 year ago)
Really cool, unique. Thanks !
Beowulf (1 year ago)
Hi Remy - Nice upload, I only came across Robben in the last 3 or 4 years, brilliant musician.
PoetessPossessed (1 year ago)
A wonderful performance!
DejaVu (1 year ago)
@PoetessPossessed glad you liked Robben :)
Simply_Scandalous (1 year ago)
This is what I love about music sites I always find something new and beautiful to listen to..Great one..:)
DejaVu (1 year ago)
glad you liked this
nice comment :)
CrashZone2 (1 year ago)
Got a nice mixture in this
DejaVu (1 year ago)
@CrashZone2 yes Robben always has some nice and different structure in his music, he a great player, glad you liked this !
hubertgunpowder (1 year ago)
Great music Remy. 5*****.
DejaVu (1 year ago)
@hubertgunpowder thanks for checking it out Hubert !
Sacred_Trickster (1 year ago)
I LOVED this one! Talk about true talent! I really like the way he goes from nice and mellow, to funky with the wah-wah pedal, to bluesy towards the end. I sure wish I could play like that. I have always loved the wah pedal, ever since I first heard Voodoo Chile. Unfortunately for me, I cannot seem to coordinate the foot with the hands to play it properly. This guy is incredible, thanks a lot for sharing!
DejaVu (1 year ago)
@Sacred_Trickster yes Robben can do it all, I thought you may want to see him, I will add a few more with him.
I bet you could play a wah-wah, give it a shot, an thanks your comment man !
Siri335 (1 year ago)
*****stars, if posssible! :))
DejaVu (1 year ago)
@Siri335 thank you for the stars !!!
February 28th, 2016
Robben - Dont Worry About Me - Live
Robben - Dont Worry About Me - Live
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Robben  Dont  Worry  About  Me  Live