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The creeping by Angie
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Melody_Maker (1 year ago)
Just here to check this one out again. Probably one of the best sounding songs you have put together, as far as the volume level balance, and tracking go. Awesome!
hubertgunpowder (1 year ago)
Wow Angie. Fantastic !!!
Sacred_Trickster (1 year ago)
I was completely blown away by this production! Not only is it really perfectly done to match the feeling of the video, but the music is so well written! Such great tracking, and Juts reminds me of a harder, darker version of many horror movie scores. I never knew you did instrumentals! Fantastic work!
CrashZone2 (1 year ago)
@Sacred_Trickster I always preferred instrumentals so I didn't have to come up with lyrics or sing them lol I can be lazy that way.
Frederyck (1 year ago)
Wow... very good work indeed and very nice atmosphere to sustain my nightmares.. Thanks a lot dear A. Have a beautiful and happy day. Bizzz..;)
CrashZone2 (1 year ago)
@Frederyck Yes, still not as creepy as my other one, but it was fun to make. Thanks for watching
PoetessPossessed (1 year ago)
Angie! I absolutely adore the atmosphere of this amazingly awesome video. My idea of a perfect night, rain, thunder, lightning, and a creepy, old house... :) The image at the end made me jump... hahaha Ohhh, and the music is magnificent!
CrashZone2 (1 year ago)
@PoetessPossessed lol sorry about that. I just wanted everyone to see what was inside that house lol
WildCard (1 year ago)
Cool Angie very cool my friend great sounds going on here well done mate and the video is awesome works really well..""This Rocks""
CrashZone2 (1 year ago)
@WildCard Thanks mate, I wanted to try something different where I didn't have to sing lol
cutiehabana (1 year ago)
ツ ღ ƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)✿***Awww!!! Really love this Hauntingly Beautiful electronic tune. Well Done...Angie. All The STARS************************for this Great Post. Added into my Faves. Thank you for sharing:))***
CrashZone2 (1 year ago)
@cutiehabana Thanks Rosie. It's good to be able to mix things up
Lawborn2 (1 year ago)
Bring on the zombies. Bring em on!
CrashZone2 (1 year ago)
FallingAwake (1 year ago)
Very nightmarish. well put together Angie *****
CrashZone2 (1 year ago)
@FallingAwake Thanks mate. It's good to just compose music without having to sing anything lol
July 26th, 2016
This was inspired by the movies Creepshow and The return of the living dead
This was inspired by the movies Creepshow and The return of the living dead