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Delain. Frozen
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EuroGirl (7 months ago)
The guitar work in this song is phenomenally great! It contrasts nicely with Charlotte's lovely vocals. I'm not really a fan of those electronic drums though. They sound too robotic and perfect for me. I like the occasional miscue of an unintended cymbal crash or the sound of a wayward drumstick hitting the floor. I'm strange like that:)) That being said this is almost a perfect song you are ever going to hear. The musicianship is spot on, the music fits the mood and Charlotte? Well she's the star here and she performs admirably!
The way the song's lyrics are interpreted sounds like a person is in love with a troubled partner who has under gone a traumatic event in there lives. Perhaps a veteran of a war or a survivor of another type of tragedy.. Unable to reach him beyond his self imposed exile she still reaffirms her commitment to him and their relationship. Kind of sad in so many ways. With terrorism and war being fought throughout the world I am sure there are many cases of post-traumatic stress in which episodes like this are all to common.
"And your silence
Sounds like deafening screams to me
I've been waiting
Won't you open your heart?
And let me in
Please let me in!"
It is awful to have to watch a loved one suffer and not be able to reach them. Not a position would like to find myself in.
Wonderful track from that wonderful album by Delain. Charlotte is superb!
Thank you Dave! Peace.....
FallingAwake (7 months ago)
@EuroGirl Personally i dont find it strange at all, thats probably why we both tend to quite often prefer live versions over studio, even if we love the studio version too. A friend of mine who posts her singing videos on YT once said sorry to me about the fret sounds on one of her vids. My reply was that i loved the scrapes and i thought they very much added something real.
About the song lyrics and meaning here, yes it could well be because of some trauma they have undergone like PTS, or something maybe in his/her younger life, could be a myriad of reasons. Or maybe as my vid partially implies just a loss of a need for any emotional or physical connection, (or maybe thats just something that comes with age/time). That line "And your silence sounds like deafening screams to me", i think is so apt in that you can have some many words going around in your mind from things that Have been said, or things that you so long to hear or say. And yes as you noticed, she still holds on to her love and commitment for him. I also very much wanted at the end of my video to show that there is always hope. But no, not a nice position to be in at all.
Charlotte surly is indeed superb here, as ever. Thanks Amanda, Peace Always.
hubertgunpowder (9 months ago)
Great music !!!
March 20th, 2017
MY VIDEO. From their 2006 album, Lucidity
MY VIDEO. From their 2006 album, Lucidity