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Delain. Cordell
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Beth_Cassidy11 (9 months ago)
🎶💖🎶 a beautiful and touching song and video Dave🎶💖🎶... I loik forward to the day that people realize and live like tho is a better place right here and now 🎶💖🎶... I will be back for that 🌏🎶💖🎶🌏 Love and Hugs Beth XO🎶💖🎶:)*)
FallingAwake (9 months ago)
@Beth_Cassidy11 Thanks Beth. Would be great if all could know that better place right here n now. 🌏🎶💖🎶🌏
Love n Hugs XXX 🎶💖🎶
EuroGirl (9 months ago)
Hola Dave! first time hearing this rather depressing dirge from Delain. I believe The Cranberries sang this song as well. I wonder if it was written for Denny Cordell the English record producer who signed The Cranberries among other huge acts. It's a nice song but if you experienced a death from a close friend or family member it can be very trying on one's emotional psyche. Nonetheless it is still a song worthy of a listen or two. Have a nice evening and thanks for sharing:)) Peace.....
FallingAwake (9 months ago)
@EuroGirl Hi Amanda. Yes i do say in the description that its a Cranberries cover. And yes it was written for their producer Denny Cordell. Obviously for my video though it made "Cordell" into a girls name as i thought it better to relate to. On the emotional side of things, well i truly hope i dont offend anyone at all. We all deal with things differently of course, but personally i actually made this video shortly after my mums death and it acted in a positive way for me. A reflection of happier days, then all the "better place" stuff, and that changing to a wonderful smile @ 3:35.
The vid cost me Many tears to make, but tears help the healing too (for me anyway).
Thanks Amanda. Hugs xxx Peace
cutiehabana (9 months ago)
ツ ღ ƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)✿***Awesomely bittersweet but very Beautiful Song. Amazing Heartfelt Video. Added into my Faves. Thank you sweet bro for sharing:))xxx***
FallingAwake (9 months ago)
@cutiehabana So so sad, and beautiful. Thanks, i wanted my video to pull at the heartstrings along with the song.
big bro hugs xxx
Frederyck (9 months ago)
Oau.. right sad beautiful song (tribute about producer Denis Cordell dead too young) but the Cranberries cover by delain is well done, like several of their covers on this album (Talk Talk or Jimmy Sommerville) if my memory is right. Thanks a lot for the sharing and have a beautiful day.. .;)

and like tells the song at it's end .. "Time will tell, time will tell - We all will depart and decay - And we all will return to a better place - Cordell..."

FallingAwake (9 months ago)
@Frederyck Thank you my friend. As you can see i have not made my video about Denis, but kinda made it more personable in a way that we could all relate too. Delain do an amazing cover of the song. I like their cover of the Talk Talk song *Such a Shame*, i have a video for it, but dont really like very much their cover of the Jimmy Sommerville song *Smalltown Boy*. Your memory is very good, you are a very knowledgeable guy Frederyck.
I was very happy with the ending of my video, i wanted to show her happy and smiling.
November 10th, 2016
MY VIDEO. From their album, Interlude. (The Cranberries cover). A sad but beautiful song.
MY VIDEO. From their album, Interlude. (The Cranberries cover). A sad but beautiful song.