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Tarja Turunen. Into the Sun
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This is a response video to Tarja Turunen. Where Were You Last Night
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REFLECTIONS (7 days ago)
Not only is she a superb singer Dave, but she is visually quite the performer, and eye candy for the crowd. Sorry Kate, looks like you have been dropped :) ... just kidding Dave, I know you favor them both big time.
REFLECTIONS (5 days ago)
@FallingAwake I never heard of her before you put her up. Well I can only listen to AM now anyway, but like to hear music still, not loud. BTW, a new device is out on tinnitus, that blocks the sound in the ear. I will qualify for it, only because of the problem I have lost hearing certain sounds. I find it hard to listen to a film with music in it now. Have a great Thursday Dave!
FallingAwake (2 days ago)
@REFLECTIONS Totally agree Ken. I have said so many times what an amazing performer she is, not simply singing the songs, but Portraying them!.
You know i love Kate, but i'm sure you can see why Tarja would vie for my N0.1 spot, lol.
REFLECTIONS (17 hours ago)
@FallingAwake Hi Dave, yep I think you gave Kate the ousting, at least for now for Tarja. :) I edited a Kate vid out of a program that I have never used, so I will have to upload it. Never seen it on the YT.
SorteKat (3 months ago)
What an amazing voice! Just gives me chills. We really like her music. Especially like this one. So very beautiful! Thank you Dave! xx
FallingAwake (3 months ago)
@SorteKat I know exactly what you mean my friends. I get chills ans shivers every time i hear her, then seeing her amazing performance here and the whole Act1 DVD adds the visuals too that makes the airs on the back of your neck stand up too. Glad you liked it, yes this one is really special. Thank you. xxx
Dasha-fide (3 months ago)
great show and video of She in my Country, I love!***********Fav******Hugs
FallingAwake (3 months ago)
@Dasha-fide Thanks Dasha, really glad you enjoyed it. Yes what an Amazing show in your country, did you know her husband is Argentinian too?. Hugs xxx
CrashZone2 (1 year ago)
My GOD that was awesome! Wow!!
FallingAwake (1 year ago)
@CrashZone2 I know Exactly what you mean. Shivers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sacred_Trickster (1 year ago)
She is really new to me, but I have loved everything I have heard so far. I see why you are such a big fan. Awesome!
FallingAwake (1 year ago)
@Sacred_Trickster I cant ask for more that that, when i bring something new, and others get why i love it.
Thanks Rob.
WildCard (1 year ago)
Tarja Turunen a beautiful women with the voice of an angel great upload Dave many stars coming your way mate ********************************
FallingAwake (1 year ago)
@WildCard I agree, she is Stunning in every way. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks mate. My best wishes.
cutiehabana (1 year ago)
ツ ღ ƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)✿***Tarja's voice is extraordinary amazing...it is the heaven. All The STARS***********************for this Great Post. Added into my Faves. Thank you sweet bro for sharing:))xxx***
FallingAwake (1 year ago)
@cutiehabana I just melt every time i hear this. Well i do with most of her songs. big bro hugs xxx
July 27th, 2016
Act 1, Live in Argentina
Act 1, Live in Argentina
Tarja  Turunen  Into  the  Sun  Act1