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This is a response video to Tarja Turunen. Lucid Dreamer
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Video Comments (6)
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Love_And_Feelings (17 days ago)
♫♥♫ ❤ ▕▔╲
❤ ♫♥♫ ▏▕
♫♥♫ ❤ ▏▕▂▂▂
SorteKat (17 days ago)
@Love_And_Feelings Thank you so much for your lovely comment!
Kandace (18 days ago)
Wonderful music, my friends. Never heard this before ! xoxo
SorteKat (18 days ago)
@Kandace Thank you so much dear Kandace. Have a good weekend! Sunshine hellos from us both! xx
FallingAwake (18 days ago)
What a stunning song and video, excellent job my friends. I have made to videos on the theme of "lucidity" too. One by Delain, and the other by Tarja Turunen.
Is it just me or does this have a similar voice and sound of the late-great David Bowie ???. Hugs xxx
SorteKat (18 days ago)
@FallingAwake Hi Dave! Thanks a bunch for such a nice comment. We talked here about it but not sure we hear the similarity in voice to David Bowie but really happy you enjoyed it. And also, thank you for the wonderful video responses. Have a great day our friend. Hugs from us both
FallingAwake (18 days ago)
@SorteKat I found the part between 1:20 - 2:16 really had a sound of Bowie voice. It actually leaped out at me how similar it sounded. Oh well, maybe just me,,,lol. xxx
Sacred_Trickster (18 days ago)
Always loved this band, especially the vocalist. I actually discussed this in a previous audio. Amazing video as always guys. Thanks for sharing!
SorteKat (18 days ago)
@Sacred_Trickster Thanks a bunch Rob! Yes, we heard you mention this band in your video and it reminded us of this song. So glad you did and so pleased you enjoyed. Have a great weekend.
hubertgunpowder (19 days ago)
Great music and video !!!
SorteKat (19 days ago)
@hubertgunpowder Hello Hubert! Thank you for your nice comment. Hope you have a good weekend our friend!
Frederyck (19 days ago)
Oau...very beautiful music and song and nice idea to show it with this excelletn slideshow ! Very nice editing job ! Thanks for the sharing and have a nice end of your day. Bizzz..;)
SorteKat (19 days ago)
@Frederyck Thanks so much Frederyck. So happy to share this with you. Really appreciate your nice encouragement on the video. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and hope you are not getting the rain that is here. The snails are having a parade outside. haha
August 3rd, 2017
Uploaded 08/03/2017 Animated slideshow to the amazing song "Silent Lucidity" Hope...
Uploaded 08/03/2017

Animated slideshow to the amazing song "Silent Lucidity"

Hope you enjoy