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Welcome to Hell!
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From: stupid79 | January 29, 2017 | 22 views
Uploaded 01/29/2017 Hey dudes, this is my first speed art video, I hope you enjoyed! Sorry it's so short, it only took, like 6 minutes to draw but I still put it at 8x speed. If you want more of these, be sure to rate 5 stars.
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Joined:January 29, 2017
Last Login:January 29, 2017
Hey there! I'm Stupid79, but you can call me Noah. I make dumb videos here about stupid crap.

Q:What Programs do you use?
A: I animate in Adobe Flash and record audio in Audacity
Q: Can I be in your videos?
A: Well uh technically uh nah
Q: What mic do you use/what tablet do you use?
A: I use a Blue Yeti and a Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch

Current Projects:
Stupid Shorts #1 (Writing)
Country:United States
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