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From: TheBreakfastClub | August 18, 2017 | 8 views
Canadian group "Red Rider," later known as Tom Cochrane & Red Rider, remembered for there song, Lunatic Fringe, which had several hits back in the 1980's. Red Rider was formed in Toronto in 1975.From, Neruda there third studio album. Uploaded 08/18/2017 by: Ken
Name:๐ŸŒ  Louise & Kenny's 80's Place โœจ
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๐Ÿ‘  Louise does the 'xxx' on replies.

Welcome to Louise & Ken's "Breakfast Club," channel, dedicated to the 1980's. This channel is a collaboration between myself "Reflections Channel," and "Louise Channel," in which we will combine thoughts on this era and films, especially those related to the 80's genre that really take us back in time.

๐ŸŒŸ Uploads, from Louise or Ken on here.

The 80's were my favorite years, and I remember my favorite club (bar), which we "a group of friends," from Canada and the US, pretty much owned the place. Some day ill make a vid related to it, and some of the memories. Our group had a special knock to get into the side door, and avoid the very long line ups on weekends, to get in. The stage was the familiar bright lights you would see in the disco type bars, but they played moderate rock mainly, and songs from groups like Falco, and other groups 1980-1984 when I was in that scene. The bouncer was my buddy before he got the job, and we got all the perks, and it was right over the border from Detroit in Windsor Canada, so all the girls 18 to 20 came to that bar, since it was 18 and over legal drinking age. You had to be 22 in the US.

The bar name was "Hadleys," and we had our own group of over a dozen friends that met there every week, which reminded me of the film "Breakfast Club film." A gathering place, lot of fun, a lot of parties, and I made a lot of friends, who kept in contact in writing... no internet those times. I had a new silver edition Firebird 1981 at that time, with silver seats, T-bars, fully loaded.

Overall, we always had a lot of fun Fridays and Saturdays. Hadley's closed however before the end of the 80's and is a forgotten part of history now, but the days are still fresh in mind, and fun times and get togethers with friends at our favorite gathering place, in the early 1980's when songs rang out like "Der Kommissar", and from groups like "Blonde, to Pat Benatar," A buddy of mine at that time even bumped into "Madonna," literally in a Detroit bar, and she gave him a nasty look :) I hope this channel can reflect the feeling of that era in a online sort of way.

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