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From: REFLECTIONS | October 13, 2017 | 15 views
October is pretty much the only month I watch horror or related films. Above all I prefer the spooky ones over the Slasher and others, but I am curious out there what films you folks like.. especially on the newer end, as I am always updating my collection. Although not much of a TV watcher, and I have little knowledge of the shows on, I do watch the odd film. So I'd like to hear some of your favorite Halloween films. These are a few samples of the ones I have, and used to make this video.I'll be digging through more. October & Halloween 2017 will be gone soon, so I hope everyone makes it a point to watch some good scary films out there & don't forget to pass the bloody 🔪🍚 popcorn ツ Uploaded 10/13/2017
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Welcome to "Reflections," a channel that remembers the music, and bands from the 70's era. The days, of flowery shirts, tie dye and faded jeans, stripped pants, long hair and beads, all a extension of the "hippy era," of the 60's and the brief disco later years of the times. This channel will have a mix of "Rock, Pop, Disco, and some Country style tunes included. A bit of every style.

But its not just another era of music, but a major change in diversified and new styles. I believe the Beatles helped lead the way to that style in some of there last experimental albums, which under the influence of psychedelic aids, created a stronger, and more powerful sound, which we called "hard rock."

Here will be some of the old 60's and new 70's band's with there own style of creativity; much before the days of push button music, and rehashing of music, which we see today on shows such as these talent shows we see today.

If you are active here on Wenoo, and enjoy music from this decade, please subscribe, and I will do likewise, view, and comment on your content.
About me:
Secondary 1980's music channel run by Louise and myself:

Alan Parsons, Heart, Foreigner, Boston, Heart, Cheap Trick, Fleetwood Mac, Supertramp, Badfinger, aaah where did all the great bands go!
Eric Helm recently and his, edition of some 35 books.
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