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From: StopFundingisrael | January 07, 2017 | 12 views
Amazing Interview from 8th November 2016 with Viva Palestina Malaysia Treasurer and author Mrs Norma Hashim on The People Speak Radio Show with Steve Johnson. In this interview we talk about her two new books she authoured and edited recounting true horrific stories of Palestinian children and adults in israeli jails mostly all held on fake charges and fake crimes. Malaysia are doing a HUGE amount of charity work for Palestine and Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. Her work and the work of Viva Palestina Malaysia needs to be recognised and applauded as they continue to press for BDS Boycitt Divestment and Sanctions against the illegal terrorist state of israel. http://vpm.org.my Please like, share and comment. Make a donation to help keep this channel going through my Paypal at - specialbrew@fastmail.fm Malaysia, Prisoner diaries, Gaza, Palestine, Palestinian, BDS, Sfi. Protest, radio interview, Viva, Palestina, West Bank, Norma Hashim, StopFundingisrael, iDF, War Crimes, Netanyahu, Steve Johnson,
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