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The incompetent need to hush
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From: MorbidDaniel | August 03, 2016 | 24 views
"Decay" is the first Full-length album from Mab. Mab is a Gothic Metal/Rock band from Italy formed in 1996. Track listing: 01 Last Tango In London 0:00 02 Suicidal Angel 4:17 03 More 8:23 04 Astrophel 10:43 05 Black 15:15 06 Pure 19:11 07 Pearl 24:00 08 Adrenalina 28:49 09 Candyman 32:22 10 Scared Of The Darkness 36:13 11 Suicidal Angel (Version 2) 40:21 12 Unlisted Track 44:16
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jello, long walks, exercising, wicca, witchcraft, the supernatural, Goth subculture, makeup, chokers, spikes, chains, bondage and submission, pokemon, cemeteries, ghosts, religion, fashion, vampires, possessions, video games, celebrities, meeting new people, anime, trench coats, intellect conversations, laughter, rock climbing, vlogging, body modifications, hair dye, industrial dance, cyber goths, traveling, mosh pits, eye contacts, the 90s,
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