Turn Your Living Room Into a Bedroom

Turn Your Living Room Into a Bedroom

Many people living in a city are not able to afford living space with enough bedrooms. If you live in an apartment and want more privacy, consider turning your living room into a bedroom!

This guide will show you how to create the perfect bedroom layout, what furniture is best for this type of room, and how to make it feel cozy. So if your living room is feeling empty or just too crowded with all those couches and chairs.

Step by Step Guide to Convert Living Room Into a Bedroom.

1. Rebuilding a clothing rack

You think you’re dreaming when your eyes first fall on this chic studio apartment. In the middle of a tiny space, there’s a bed and then an entire wall devoted to displaying accent pieces rather than clothes!

2. Hang On Curtains

The curtains in this home are the perfect way to make a bedroom feel like a haven. With no door, they need only be closed if you’re trying to sleep after sunset or get some privacy for studying with friends.

Otherwise, it’s just an easy and quick fix! The color contrast against our printed wallpaper on the other side of their shared wall is especially chic.

3. Rebuilding shutters

The room divider separating the bed from the front door of this studio apartment is actually custom window shutters. They offer privacy when closed and natural light when opened, making them not only aesthetically pleasing.

But also functional in a way that many apartments have lost with construction costs.

4. bookshelf

A bookshelf can be a great way to divide up your space and create new “rooms”. The old textile factory in Pennsylvania uses this technique beautifully by building the shelf into the wall, making it look as if it was always meant to be there.

5. Wall of Plants

A wall of plants is the perfect thing to section off a space and make for more privacy. This crafty loft uses a shelving unit that doubles as both statement piece and workspace to segment off their bedroom area.

While also providing an element of privacy in order to keep out prying eyes. Talk about resourceful!

6. Curtains Section

For the ultimate in tiny living, curtains are a great way to get creative. Take this itty bitty trailer for example: perfect for those with an eye on space and style!

7. Door

For a more creative and unique space, you can install barn doors for an open floor plan. This home in Valencia shows how you can easily break up the large expanse of hardwood.

With a sliding door that remains closed most of the time but opens to reveal its beauty when needed.

8. furniture

You can make your living room feel more luxurious by transforming it into a guest space with these clever tips. If you have an open concept house, use furniture to create new spaces and separate areas for different activities like sleeping or lounging.

In this Los Angeles studio, the couch serves as both seating and dividers that help break up their small area so they don’t run out of room!

You might think we’re all about interior design here on Apartment Therapy. But what’s really important is how those beautiful rooms are used.

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