Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Living Room

Deep Cleaning Your Living Room

Do you want to deep clean your living room? How about the rest of the rooms in your house? How long has it been since you last gave your basement a good scrub down, or cleaned out the fridge?

It is important to always maintain a clean home and keep on top of what needs to be done. But with so many tasks that need to be completed, it can feel overwhelming.

Fortunately for us, there are plenty of ways we can make sure our home stays sparkling without breaking up our schedule too much! In this blog post, we will discuss how to deep clean a living room.

We’ll go over some easy tips and tricks that will help get the job done quickly and effectively.

Here is best way to Deep Cleaning Living Room

1. Ceiling and corners

If you’re looking for a way to give your home that extra touch of care and attention, then this is the perfect task. Find any spots on the walls where dirt has accumulated or started drying?

Wash them away! The best time to do it would be when guests are around. So they can see how much cleaning goes into giving someone else’s house an ‘official’ tour.

2. Photographs walls

How often have we seen a favorite photo or piece of artwork get damaged because the owner didn’t know how to properly care for it?

The reason is usually due to neglecting some simple steps. For instance, you should never spray water on your framed art and photographs as this can seep behind the glass frame and damage them.

A better idea would be wetting a clean cloth with either lukewarm distilled water or plain tap water. Before wiping off any dust that may have accumulated from handling over time in an effortless manner without damaging delicate surfaces like these!

3. Clean the ceiling fan

Dusty ceiling fans can be a big turn off but with these simple living room cleaning tips, you’ll never have to fear dust again. First and foremost: take down any light fixtures that may need special attention before getting started on the fan itself!

Next up is Murphy’s Oil Soap- gentle cleaners are key when it comes to this kind of work. Finally just make sure all surfaces get dusted for good measure. Those pesky bits will slip right through the cracks otherwise!

4. Couches and chairs

To properly clean couches and other upholstered furniture, first, go over the surface with a vacuum cleaner or brush attachment to pick up any loose dirt. Next, remove all pillows from your couch surfaces and wash them separately in hot water.

Vacuum crevices of your sofa especially under seat cushions. If you have an upholstery shampoo machine use it now if soiled areas are light enough for cleaning without spraying liquid cleaners onto them.

Test in a hidden area before proceeding with the whole piece. Finally, give slipcovers a gentle shake outside or make sure no debris is caught anywhere then return back inside by placing them gently on top of seats while upright.

5. Bookshelves

Dust down the book and shelves, but be careful not to ruin their covers. If your collection of books is overflowing then it might be time for some new cleanup strategies.

Donate them if you can’t read them anymore or trash them if they are old enough that no one will want to buy back from a used book store. Too many heavy books on top of each other can give your living room an appearance as cluttered.

Make sure there’s plenty of space between rows so we don’t knock over any precious treasures!

6. Clean carpet

Caring for carpets is a lot of work. If your home has carpeting, you know that nothing feels better than walking on soft plush fabric when barefoot.

However, this means two things: one it’s time to vacuum every day, and two it can get dirty quickly if not cleaned properly! Luckily there are many ways to clean upholstery without causing any damage with products like shampoo or soap.

Which should never be used as they strip the fibers in carpet making them weaker over time. Professional cleaners will use “dry” cleaning techniques such as vacuuming.

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