Three STEAM at home projects that aren’t boring

I don’t know about the rest of you parents out there, but I. Am. Tired. My husband and I have done every kind of activity you can think of with our 7-year-old son. All while still maintaining our own day-to-day work. But after weeks of staying at home without the ability to play with friends, he is not happy.

Drawing and coloring are no longer appealing. He’s not feeling video games. And he doesn’t believe me when I say cleaning his room is exciting! I needed some help.

STEAM activities

Lucky for me, I know the cool and creative people behind our popular Jump Simulation STEAM program at the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center. If anyone could craft some innovative activities with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math that my son would enjoy, they could.

If you’re struggling with what do next, DO try these experiments at home!

Scientific method in action

In this activity, your kids will use the scientific method to find out whether their hearts beat faster when they watch the scary part of a movie.

You likely have all the materials you need for this project at home. But you might want to save this one for the older kids in your life, or at least those who are allowed to watch scary movies. Other than that, all you need are marshmallows and toothpicks.

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Three STEAM at home projects that aren’t boring


Why can my dog eat animal bones in the wild, but I can’t throw him a cooked chicken bone? That’s the question your children will answer in this experiment. All you need is a jar, vinegar and chicken bones.

This fun project can be done with younger and older kids alike!

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Three STEAM at home projects that aren’t boring


This experiment can get a little messy and requires the use of kitchen shears–so parents, you will want to be involved in this one. This activity answers the age-old question, why do we need more than 600 muscles to make our bodies move the way we want?

You will need a raw chicken thigh quarter as well as a pair of kitchen shears for this project.

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