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About Us

Our Vision:

To be your most important resource for sharing memories and staying in touch with family and friends.

Our Story:

Wenoo.net. was born from a passionate mission: To improve the interaction and strengthen the emotional connection between friends and family with advanced technologies. Wenoo.net is accomplishing this mission by becoming the leading subscription based service for family and friends to connect, converse and share their life experiences on pictures, audios and videos.

What makes wenoo.net unlike ANY other service in existence?

It’s made for everyone free – wenoo.net was designed to be simple and easy to use suitable for any level of computer user (even grandma!) – NOT the feature overload and complexity of other services designed for the technically inclined. It’s all about interaction – wenoo.net is a destination for all to connect and converse about the joys of life captured on pictures and videos – NOT just a place facilitating the one-way event of sending or posting pictures for others to view. At wenoo.net we are thrilled to be your trusted resource for connecting with those you care about and sharing your important memories and life experiences.

Sharing Memories… Made Simple