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A few words from yours truly
Posted by: Wenoo | October 15th, 2017 | 1 month ago
Hey there, guys. It's me, Alisson.
Before anyone can ask, no, I haven't come back to Wenoo and I probably won't.
And before anyone can ask any further, any accounts with my name scattered around any other website alternatives do not belong to me, they're either trolls or impostors.

I'm not on ZippCast, Vidme, VidLii, VidBitFuture, or any of these websites if you ever see my name on them. My only real social accounts are on VidigoSocial and my old YouTube channels, so if you ever see me anywhere else, take notes: I'm not there.

Now, with this out of the way, what's going on and where have I been?
Two years ago, I've decided to leave Wenoo because I don't have as much time to be in here, and because quite frankly, the "video-sharing alternative" crowd infuriates me. I don't work on Wenoo, but I do get contacted at least once in three months or so usually when some really bad stuff happens. And what happened this time was:

Fawz admitted vistafan12 as the admin. From what I've been told, this guy is a 15 years old that runs VidBitFuture, tried to run VidBit, failed, and then decided to rage on Wenoo instead. If anyone else than NightFright has been attacked by him, I apologize in the name of Fawz and assure you this won't happen again. vistafan12 has already been dealt with and from now on, every admin he appoints will have to be reviewed by me so Wenoo won't get ruined again by inexperienced people.

Also, I'll be around by using the Wenoo account, but don't expect me to answer to any replies or private messages, because I probably won't. That is all.