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Importance of Wearing Good Shoes

The average person takes about 7,500 steps per day. After putting shoes on for the day, most people never give their feet a second thought. However, serious foot complications can arise from wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Common conditions

Many common foot ailments are related to the types of shoes people choose. Shoes that are too tight or too loose can cause and aggravate problems. Below are some issues poor footwear can cause.

Bunions are caused when the base of the toe is pushed out of its normal position. This causes a bulge on the side of the foot that can become inflamed and lead to pain.

The skin protects itself against repeated pressure by building hard layers of skin cells. When this happens on or between the toes, the skin cells form bumps called corns.

Hammer Toe
Hammer toe is caused by the misalignment of the toe joints for long periods of time, causing the muscles in the toes to shorten and appear bent. Hammer toe can result from wearing shoes, such as high heels, that force the toe into a bent position.

Ingrown Toenails
Ingrown toenails occur when the corner or side of the nail grows into the skin of the toe. Ingrown toenails typically result in pain, redness and swelling. Occasionally, an ingrown toenail can become infected.

Importance of wearing good shoes in children

Wearing shoes that fit correctly are not only important for adults, but for children as well. Dr. Norman Espinosa, an orthopedic surgeon at the University of Zurich Balgrist, conducted a study that looked at children’s footwear.

In his study, he found almost 53 percent of the children’s shoes were too small, while a little more than 13 percent were too big. Wearing proper shoes as a child is essential, especially in the formative years.

Children‘s toes can’t stretch to their full potential if their shoes are too small.

OSF St. Joseph annual shoe drive

OSF St. Joseph Medical Center and OSF Podiatrist Todd Snoeyink are dedicated to providing Bloomington-Normal with the chance to find shoes that are the perfect fit. This year marks the 10th Annual OSF Shoe Drive, which will begin Saturday, August 10 and will last through Sunday, August 18.

Participants can drop off new or gently-used men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes which will then be donated to Home Sweet Home Ministries. Clients living at the Home Sweet Home shelter will receive first choice of three pairs of shoes each. A portion of the remaining shoes will then be given to various other local social service agencies.

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