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How To Start Your Miniature Garden: A Beginner’s Guide

Starting your miniature garden can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. How do you pick the right plants?

If you’re interested in starting a miniature garden, then this is the post for you! There are many benefits to having a miniature garden.

It’s low-maintenance and doesn’t require as much time or money as other hobbies. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to start your own mini garden from scratch.

5 Best Ways to Start Miniature Garden

Choose Right plant

How do you decide where to put your miniature garden? What’s the right placement for a plant in an indoor or outdoor space with various light levels and temperature ranges?

Figure out what kind of sun exposure it will have by looking at its location, time of year, or how much shade that spot gets. If you want plants to live long-term inside on top window sills next to heated lamps.

Then get tropical plants–plants like ferns are great because they don’t need any direct sunlight!

Right place applies in miniature as well. Decide where is your miniature garden going be living.

Choose tree

Planting miniature plants is the perfect way to create a living art installation. Our trees and shrubs come in all shapes, sizes, colors & textures.

So there’s something for everyone! If you feel like experimenting with your style then why not limb up some of our conifers?

They are abundant in size as well as species variety- go on, get bitten by their bug!

Choose theme

Interested in creating something based on a theme? How about using your backyard or mini forest as inspiration! Do you want it to be formal, rustic, or do you fancy recreating a life-sized garden into miniature form.

While there may not be an exact miniature version of the full size tree that’s needed for this project. Slow growing small foliage trees are available and can more than likely provide similar growth shape.

Use images from life sized gardens within Google searches before beginning brainstorming sessions with ideas. Such as looking for iconic miniatures like grandma’s favorite chair.

Which will weather well through time without damage such as roses arbor etcetera.

Choose Container

There are so many types of containers you can use to plant your mini garden and each one has its own personality. An unglazed, terra cotta pot is perfect for a rustic backyard theme with plants like the Blue Pygmy Juniper, Hens & Chicks, or Wooley Thyme.

They all appreciate full sun exposure but don’t mind dry conditions from time to time. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something elegant then try planting in a big black glazed ceramic container featuring elements.

Such as formal-style miniature gardens planted with seasonal flowers and foliage that thrive under the partial shade! These two examples just scratch the surface of what’s possible.

Complete kit

Miniature gardens make great gifts for the hard-to-shop person in your life, hostess gifts, centerpieces at family gatherings or weddings. They do very well at charity auctions and raffles too!

Miniature gardening is an art form that’s easy to enjoy from a distance no matter what time of year it is. You can always find a reason to put down those paints and pick up some soil with miniature plants.

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