How to Clean Your Coffee Maker

Clean Your Coffee Maker

The best way to make sure your coffee tastes as good as it can be is to clean the coffee maker. But how do you know how often you should clean a coffee machine?

The truth is, there isn’t an exact answer for how often you need to clean a coffee maker. How often you should clean your coffee maker will depend on how much you use it and how well the water flows through the system.

Step by Step Coffee Maker Cleaning Process

Step 1: Remove the Coffee filter

When you’re done with your coffee, it’s important to clean the pot. Fill up a sink of water and place the carafe in it for 10 minutes or so before draining out any remaining liquid from inside.

You should also remove all filters as well as old coffee grounds. That is stuck on its surface to avoid residue buildup which can clog pipes if left unattended!

Step 2: Cleaning basket

For a fresher tasting coffee, quickly rinse out the basket to make sure there are no residual grounds. If you find any embedded in the mesh walls of your metal brewing device.

Wash them off with soap and water before returning them back into their rightful place inside of your machine for another round!

Step 3: Make Vinegar Mixer

It’s important to use the right amount of vinegar for your coffee maker. Some machines require a 1:2 ratio while others suggest less.

So make sure you know what kind of yours is before adding it in. If there isn’t any information on your machine about how much the manufacturer recommends.

Try using only half as much if theirs calls for more than 2 parts water and one part vinegar or going by these guidelines instead. Most machines call for 3/4 cup white distilled vinegar per gallon (128 ounces) of cold tap water – but not all!

Step 4: Use Vinegar

1/4 Cup of distilled white vinegar mixed with 1 cup water creates a solution for cleaning your coffee pot. Mix the two together in an eco-friendly container and pour it into the carafe.

Then fill up to capacity by adding more mixture or tap water if necessary. Let this sit overnight before pouring out any remaining liquid as needed throughout the day.

Step 5: Use Freshwater

When you’re done with the vinegar, pour fresh water into the carafe. Don’t mix here vinegar again!

Use as much of your coffee maker’s brewing capacity can handle to get a good brew going.

Step 6: Brew cycle

Start by filling your coffee maker with just water. Press the brew button to run a cycle, and then allow it to finish running.

Do it two more times again for three total cycles of only water in order to clear any vinegar out from inside the machine. If you can still smell that acrid odor when mixing up fresh ground beans.

Or if there is an unpleasant taste lingering on your tongue, add one additional round of ice-cold rinses mixed with filtered cold tapwater as needed until all traces are gone!

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