How to Clean a Whiteboard with 4 Simple Steps

Clean a Whiteboard with 4 Simple Steps

Whiteboards are an important tool in classrooms, meeting rooms, and offices. When they get too dirty to use. How do you clean them?

Cleaning a whiteboard is not as hard as it sounds. In fact, with the proper supplies and process, you can have your whiteboard looking spotless in just minutes!

This blog post will give you 4 simple steps for how to clean a whiteboard so that it’s ready for use again!

Here are Easy Simple Steps To Clean a Whiteboard

Whiteboards are an integral part of many office environments. However, their frequent use can lead to the boards being marked up with lines and colors that won’t rub off easily.

But there’s a quick way to make your whiteboard look new again – just clean it! Just soapy water or alcohol will do as long as you’re using a clean cloth when wiping down the board.

You’ll be able to get years of use from this handy tool for note-taking and presentations if you keep on top of cleaning regularly!

Step 1: Write over Stains

It’s important to use the right materials when it comes to whiteboard markers. Pen and the permanent marker will leave marks aboard.

Which are difficult if not impossible to remove completely. The best way is by using fresh dry erase markers that have been left for too long – this can be a tough job!

Step 2: Dry Marker

This should only take a few seconds. Then, rub the marks with an eraser and watch as they disappear before your eyes!

The idea is that rubbing fresh dry-erase ink on stains will help loosen them up so when you wipe them away. Both the old permanent marker stain and new whiteboard paint come off together in one fell swoop.

Step 2: Wipe the board

To get any permanent stains out of your whiteboard, you will need to first clean the board. Cleaners work best when they are applied damp and then scrubbed vigorously with a cloth or paper towel. Until it looks like there is no more residue left on the surface.

Once this has been done, allow time for the cleaner to evaporate before applying another coat.

You might think once that’s complete all marks should be gone! However, if some stubborn ones remain after cleaning them off using these methods try rubbing over areas.

Step 3: Wet solution

Clean your whiteboard with a solution of water and bleach. Make sure you are in an open area where fumes from harsh chemicals will dissipate effectively.

Wet the sponge or cloth before using it to apply the cleaning solution. Scrub vigorously for 10-15 seconds then rinse off any remaining residue of cleaner on the board.

Step 4: Dry the board

After you’ve successfully removed the marker, make sure to rinse off your cloth or sponge with clean water.

So that it is completely washed. Afterward, wring out any excess moisture and wipe down your board for a quick dry!

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