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WALK IN DARKNESS and Nicoletta ROSELLINI - Carthage - 6mn02 - 4063 KO
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WALK IN DARKNESS is a mysterious and faceless gothic-metal band from Italy. They started in 2015 with the aim of applying new compositive methods which combines the dark melancholy of the gothic genre with aggressive metal. About their music they say - We can insert our music in the gothic and metal genre because of the distorted textures (which define the context and the dark and dramatic background), but our music has also an epic shade because of the orchestral and symphonic elements -. Their lyrics are generally sombre, melodramatic and inspired from epic themes.

The 4 musicians of WALK IN DARKNESS met up and shared the project but they can change because of musical needs. What remains the same is the musical style and the philosophy behind the band as the project doesn’t concern the musicians but the music itself.

They explains - Our era is full of decadence where the appearence is what matter the most and where every human being is forced to wear a mask. Even those who show their face are actually wearing a mask to hide their true feelings. Nowadays, almost none can live without a mask, none shows its true self and everyone is closed in itself, most of the times in its own egoism, hidden by its own mask. So, the mankind is an endless parade of masks that lies, faithful followers of appearance and rules. In our band, the lack of a face is a simplification because it is a way to get rid of the mask and it also allows to consider all the men alike because of their same fate -...

(*) Nicoletta ROSELLINI, the voice of the band, is also the face of WALK IN DARKNESS, the element of connection with the world outside. She was born on 27 April 1991 in Sarzana area (Liguria - Italy) and began her musical studies at the age 7, as a classical pianist. After 8 years of piano lessons, she approached to the singing universe, starting to play in some local bands (from Hard Rock to Gothic metal and Alternative Metal). She started to take her first singing lessons at the age of 17 and she’s now followed by the vocal coach and singer Valentina Pira. Veterinary medicine student, beer lover and Steampunk addicted, Nicoletta is the nice singer front-woman of Italian Melodic Power Metal band KALIDIA she founded in 2010 with Federico Paolini. In 2014, the band released an acclaimed debut album titled -Lies’ Device- and then they shared the stage with many bands/artists like Rhapsody of Fire, Vision Divine, Timo Tolkki, DGM, Kaledon, Edu Falaschi, Silent Voices (feat. Members of Sonata Arctica).
- Contact : nicolettarosellini@gmail.com
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WALK IN DARKNESS and Nicoletta ROSELLINI - Carthage - 6mn02 - 4063 KO
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