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ELVELLON - Shore To Aeon - 8mn10 - 6732 KO
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On the Symphonic Metal Scene, ELVELLON is a band from the city of Moers (Germany) on the western bank of the Rhine at 28 Km from Dusseldorf. Their story started in 2010 with Pascal Pannen and Martin 'Maddin’ Klüners who laid the foundation for what a bit later will become the band ELVELLON. The same year Martin met Nele Messerschmidt (Singer) at a party in late summer. In 2012 they came to know Gilbert Gelsdorf (Guitarist) who was playing in another band from their hometown named -Ravian- with whom they just shared a rehearsal room. First he helped out the band by recording some demos and became a regular member on New Year’s Eve. Then, Philipp A. Kokout an other member of Ravian joined them. The band felt more complete than ever and the writing of the music was not a planned process but a natural one from many sources of inspiration.

Then the band was able to find their own musical way and hardly work on new songs, a lyrical concept and suitable artwork. An early outcome of this process was their very first concert, which they played in front of 250 people surprised by their nice performance. In early 2013 the band began an intense working phase, the fruits of which were shown in November of the same year in front a big live-audience. On 18 October 2013 they released the single -Oraculum- via Bandcamp.com followed on 13 August 2014 by single -Born From Hope-. On 30 January 2015 they released their first EP-5 tracks titled -Spellbound-. Through a combination of orchestral sound, hard riffs and the extraordinary voice of their frontwoman Nele, the 5 musicians hit right at the heart of the listener.

The year 2015 was spend most of on stage, like at the M’era Luna and Rage Against Racism Festival 2015, but also in neighbouring foreign countries. Eventhough they have clearly defined musical roots, ELVELLON try not to serve a specific scene, but rather let themselves be guided by the music itself. Their lyrics show a range of snapshots in a dream like story, in which anyone can find himself in.
The actual line up : Nele MESSERSCHMIDT (Vocals). Born in 1994, she comes from a musical family where nearly everyone plays an instrument or sings ; Pascal PANNEN (Keyboard & Piano) born in 1992 ; Massin KLÜNERS (Drums & Percussions) born in 1991 ; Gilbert GELSDORF (E-/A-Guitar - ex band Ravian) born in 1988 ; Philipp A. KOHOUT (E-Bass - ex band Ravian) born in 1992.

At end of 2015, as they always had faced every challenge by themselves without the backing of a record label, they started a crowdfunding campaign between 01/12/2016 & 01/03/2017 (https://www.startnext.com/en/elvellon), asking financial support (Goal 7000 €) for realising their 1rst professional album production. Successful operation won in 10 days ! To date they have got around 13000 €uros ! ELVELLON since end of January 2917 is working on this first album.
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ELVELLON - Shore To Aeon - 8mn10 - 6732 KO
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